CBG Genetics

CBG Seed Genetics can be elusive.
Message me if you have any questions about
CBG seeds and the Climatology these genetics have acclamated too.
Growing CBG is a powerful thing.
CBG is helping heal degenerative nerve disorders.
It has also been found to increase synaptic receptivity.
CBG seeds sell for 5-20 per seed on
smaller orders with a
Minimium order quota: 5000-10,000 seeds from most geneticist. I want to break down statistics currently

Current Market of CBG: Flowers, Extracts and Biomass.
CBG Trimmed Flowers: 800-1600 per lb
CBG Biomass: 250-350 per lb
CBG Distillate Crystals: 97.3% pure @ 20k per liter

Message me if you have trouble with anything regarding CBG and I can help.
Open thread to show current market value of CBG throughout the populus.*


Does anyone else have a comprehensive list of what they are seeing for prices on CBG Flowers, Biomass, seeds, and CBG Isolates?

im interested in your cbg genetics. do you possibly have clones for sale? are the seeds monoecious? thanks for putting in the work!

I just have Seeds right now.
10,000 seed minimium.
We have all credentials on hand.
Seed breeders Permit#
Hemp Handlers License#
Oregon LLC license#
Certificate of Analysis
Lab Analytics Ratings
458 225 2352

@Seed-Guru What strain of CBG seeds do you have?

I currently have seen these
types of CBG seeds accessible on the market:
–Opulent White CBG
–White Lightning CBG
– The Crawford White CBG

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Hi! No, no comprehensive list. However, we have seen (somewhat inflated, imo) prices of

$2700/kg cbd
$4500/kg thc
$16000/kg cbd

for isolate/distillate in OK as of early 2020.

No stable prices for CBG biomass or limited availability.

These prices have not aged well at all. Reduce everything by 50-75 percent of the cost you originally said and that is roughly the market value now