CBG Disty for sale

Finally verified and ready to rock. :cowboy_hat_face:

Got CBG Distillate for sale. Price depends on quantity, as usual, but they’re starting around $20k for 1kg.
If that’s higher than what the market is at right now, we are flexible. Hit me up and we can work something out.

CBG Dist. COA 102519.pdf (452.5 KB)


Still have over 20kg available. 86.9% CBG.

People are selling CBG isolate for less than 15K already

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COA is 6 pages long

@Stevesgoodsonline sells grams of CBG isolate for $69.99.

If your statement is accurate, Steve is making a fortune on people. 70k - 15k = 55k net per kilo.



I know of it in the 8 to 10 k rang


Comparing wholesale to retail prices.
Many retail outlets still selling Cbd at $220 per gram.

still available?

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Reality is its hovering around 10k-15k for a verified source. If you wanna risk it, there are people offering it at 8-10k right now, but those are hit and miss, u might get scammed.
Sorry should have specified, these are the cost of singles. 50L orders are hovering in the 8-10k for verified peeps. The stuff i saw was 97% cbg disty too, not far off from isolate. Which was getting about 2.5k over the disty price


That’s a pure scam that’s taking advantage of people then. Those margins are unethical.

This is supposed to be medicine. I would like to think that despite the fact there are people out to make as much money as possible, there are people like myself that want cheap access for everyone as well. At 200/g for CBD that’s a $197k net per kilo (minus packaging, shipping, etc.)

I’ve seen grams of CBD for $25 that was local Colorado hemp derived and processed. Sounds about right to me there. By all means make money, but not that fucking much money.

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Of course, like any market, there is very overpriced stuff. Its just how it works, IMO its like why not, someone else can easily come in and undercut you, but why not try and charge 200x markup when there are idiots that buy it?

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Do whatever you want man. I’ll not have my personal wealth be built on taking advantage of the ignorant and underprivileged. That’s how the bankers and politicians think. There’s a real special type of hell for those that take advantage of others.

Have some dignity.


Obviously if u dont have money, u shouldnt buy expensive things. Market the 200x markup cbd to celebrities and people who have money, save the good value for people looking for it. Idk if it was a true free market. I would say go for it, i dont do it personally, ive got a 100% markup on my stuff from my cost of $3/g and it goes to them for $6/g. (But im also buying a kilo, and selling single grams) Yes it annoys me when i see $100+ tinctures, but i get it, especially if there is value products already on the shelf. There are really rich people, why not take their money?

I walked into a herb shop in SF they were selling 1,500mg tinctures for $160. I pitched them my tinctures that are 1,500mg tinctures for $15 bucks. They sell one or two of those tinctures/month and they say its always people in nice suits. We will see how the $15 tinctures do


Trulieve in Florida still $55 for 250 mg CBD. To be fair it is a medical marijuana market, with no legal hemp yet, and does have some small residual amount of THC but not needing to remediate drives cost down not up. Will see what happens if and when hemp becomes legal in Florida.

I dont agree with gouging people, but the people also have the option to shop around for cheaper cbd or anything else for that matter.

pricing of cbg just recently dropped that low. And as soon as it did we dropped our pricing. When we were selling cbg for that price it was upwards of 35k per kilo. Also, Steves goods profit goes entirely towards our Hemping Hands non-profit which gives our products to people in need for free. So excuse us for trying to keep the bills paid so we can continue to help people

Also, when you can’t afford to buy a whole kilo people tend to charge you more. I think i was paying something like $40 a gram there for a little bit, so by no means am I getting rich here. I still drive a 2006 Pontiac G5 i bought for $1,200 like 4 years ago


@Mosaic_Co-Labs @ExTek90 @Thetetraguy
Thanks for all the info guys. That’s why I posted it on this site… I knew CBG was starting to fall, but have never bought any in any real quantities, so I wasn’t sure what the market was at. This info will definitely help me sell this. Thanks guys

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yep! sure is

thanks for this dude, very helpful. :metal: