Cbd's needed iso, disti , hemp flower

Hey there looking to fill some spot oreders here and there . I am able to meet up in cali or Colorado . currently in need of hemp flowers, cbd isolate, and distillate . I have been getting isolate at 4800 per kilo , hemp flower at 200 -250 per unit , and distillate ranging from 3800- 4500 get back to me and let me know possible pricing and availability
Amounts needed monthly -

  • Isolate 5-20 kilos monthly
  • Distillate 10-15 liter monthly
  • hemp flower 50 -100 kilos
  • The flower must be trimmed nicely
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Messaged you.

I would be hesitant to buy anything from anyone on this site that has not been verified. At the end of the day we can’t stop you but we have this system in place to make sure that people aren’t getting ripped off

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