CBDA distillation

I am curious as to how difficult it is to manufacture high CBDA content distillate- I have seen hints that this is possible via wiped film but would like to see if there are any other methods out there, if WFS is the only way, how would I do this with a WFE system?

I’ll be doing some experimental runs with THCA as well as CBDA in the near future. I’m in the process of getting 2 new techs in the lab and working so I have the free time for the runs.

I’ll be making a post about my results once they’re in.


Very curious to see your results!

I may have posted it elsewhere. It certainly is possible to distill acidic cannabinoids. Requires strong vacuum in a wiped film to get any sort of decent yield. I would imagine cryo ethanol crude is ideal for this, providing it was purged at extremely low vacuum prior to distillation.

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What parameters did you use to achieve it?

115C on the wipers, everything else was standard other than lowering the feed tube temps to avoid unnecessary decarb.

Impressive! I will give that a try when I have the chance.

Excellent work, thank you for following up. We’re able to pull around 1 x 10-3 mbar - do you think that’s sufficient?

Is that on your first pass?

Also, I always work with Torr, so in my world you would need <150 mTorr.

Second pass.

why not Just take non decarbed crude oil and reverse chromo and rotovape?


Thanks! 150 mTorr is about 0.2 mbar.
Wondering if you’ve tried even lower pressures so you can decrease the evaporating column temp even further. Maybe less decarb happening during the distillation, and more CBDa recovery.

Either way, thanks a lot for the info.

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interested in this, please keep us apprised. I have a column incoming


Who has experience with simulated moving bed chroma?