CBD T Free Distillate

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$500 a L?


No. Not for T free distillate

Can you post COA?

No, he probably needs proof of funds first :joy:


Lol POF before COA. Got to love this industry. If this is real why not post COA.

I didn’t feel comfortable just putting the COA out there. I tried to respond to your request however, Because I’m new to site. I’m limited on responses and I couldn’t respond for 20 hours.I don’t know the rules …lol…would be happy to send you a COA if there’s still interest. Sorry for the delay.

THC-free B060719.pdf (118.3 KB)

we run chromatography in-house. ethan@fsmade.com. Don’t understand why you wouldn’t put a COA out there?

Because it’s remediated or polished crude or melted iso and cut :joy::joy::joy:

Was this material processed in Oregon and then moved to Denver? Curious why your COA is from an Oregon testing lab yet there’s a huge volume on the ground in Denver.


I have the same COA? :thinking: How much per liter is your TFREE?

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4750? Oh hell yeah I’ll get a kilo tomorrow. I’m sure @CPC will also. We’ll stop by the facility and pick it up ourselves. Sound good?

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sounds good …contact me at capcotiberio@gmail.com

a sizable portion of the initial batch was transferred to Oregon for sale. The COA is a third party Coa.

thomah101, you need to get verified as a CBD slanger before you can sell product on the forum. Please refer to the top of the home page for the thread related to this topic.

will do