CBD Slangers, middle men, brokers, and consumers

We are considering revamping the “Verified” flair here on the forum. At the same Tim, we are trying to figure out ways to improve the classified section, specifically when it comes to CBD.

For me personally, I only deal with CBD Slangers if I’ve met them in person and spent enough time with them to know they aren’t an idiot. For smaller scale purchases, I like to at least have some sort of referral from someone I trust. So we are considering taking that approach and applying it to F42k members who slang Dee’s, through the forums “flair” and badge system, similar to the GLG logo flair, or the “Verified” title.

These members would submit samples of their CBD product to get the referral flair, and would need to have met one of the admin in person to get in the Slangers club.

This is just a highdea I had, and the point of the forum is crowdsource so I need some help.

Would you be more likely to buy CBD from someone if they had either one of these certifications?

  • Yes
  • No

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Is there any other ways you guys would like to see the classified subcategory improved?


Where my terpene vendors at?


I got CBD on deck famalam. Disty, isolate, water
soluble. You name it!! Colorado sourced.
Hope I’m certifiable enough lol.


I’ve only recently started growing out some harlequin and acdc to treat my fathers severe rhuematoid arthritis. Still wont bd ready for a few months so I’ve resorted to ordering from greenpointcbd. Anyone know the quality of gu’s CBD? I know it’s not bulk or quantity but he’s down in a prohibition state so it’s slightly difficult to get him affordable cbd meds

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Give anyone enough time and periodically that title can be apporpriately applied. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: In fact for me I find it very theraputic to lets say imploding a $500 piece of lab glass by carelessly tossing ice cubes in to hot glass like an idiot to see what would happen. I did indeed get to see what would happen. I didn’t even need to get over to the gym for a real cardio boost on that one. Soiled britches cleanse the soul. A balanced person needs their inner idiot or life gets dull.

I think the thing to watch out for personally in a business situation is to give the other folks enough time to see if they start treating YOU like an idiot. Just saying… :sunglasses:


Water Soluble! Iso! Please DM me or email matnsms@yahoo.com