CBD refinement

I have never dealt with CBD as part of any refinement. I am curious to try but am in darkness regarding most things that need direct observation to learn.

My question is what are the hurdles encountered when trying to isolate CBD oil. Do they mirror efforts to refine THC? What problems are typically encountered?

I understand that a new IG friend is sending me some tincture of CBD and believes it will aid me in my predicament with cancer. My interest peaked of course for hobby interests at the prospect of a new challenge. At first glance though I have seen far more vids of very clear CBD than I do of THC. Is this purely an economic thing or is isolating D9 more difficult than isolating CBD? I am not interested at the moment in crystalization but rather to mimic my processes with CBD. Ironically I have seen questions asking how to remove THC from CBD compound and this sparked interest despite such lengthy efforts to do the opposite lol.

Need help understanding Oregon CBD law too. What limits are imposed on posession and such?

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Hey Beaker,

I think it’s mostly behaviors driven by the DEA requirement that industrial hemp products be below .3% THC. In the licensed cannabis world no one cares if you have some of the other cannabinoids in your product and in many cases it’s encouraged. However, the DEA requirement forces manufacturers to do various things like making CBD isolate for the bulk market as well as massively diluting consumer products so they stay below the .3% level. If there were a similar requirement for THC products that said you can’t have more than .3% CBG, CGD, CBN, etc then you would see similar consternation there as well. Isolating CBD itself can be done several ways but scaling that to an industrial level is the challenge. Isolate seems to be the easiest path for now but at the expense of losing the other cannabinoids that aren’t restricted. With that THC-free distillate commands a premium in the market place.


At high purity your CBD oil will spontaneously crystallize. CBD distillate above say 70% or so isn’t stable. But if you find a way to make it be people would certainly be interested!