CBD Payment processing

Wondering what everyone else is using for payment processing.

currently I have square and am very happy with them, but switching my site to Shopify and need a new solution that they will work with.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Hope everyone is staying busy throughout these crazy times

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Shopify actually has processing thru emerchantbroker but I think they just forward your application to Square, so I’m 100% sure you can just use Square on your Shopify site.

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Please complete application from a Desktop.

or https://squareup.com/us/en/solutions/cbd

I proudly support all my clients from application to installation to taxes.


Square does not work with Shopify I checked with them about it

What are your rates? I was just quoted by someone at Digipay they want 4.4%, $20 a month, 30 cents on every transaction and my firstborn child


Digipay and one other company cornered the market for most Shopify quotes. Apply with PaymentCloudInc. I’ve seen as low as 4. On initial call have quote handy from digipay and express you’re a Shopify client.

I’d be happy to setup installation of digipay or anyone else.

There’s wiggle room with Payment Cloud inc.

I’ve also seen as high as 5.

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Square is 4.2%

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Square is just more painful to sync up with Shopify.

You can find people successfully doing it via third party plugins between square and Shopify playing nice.

Square+ Wordpress = most simple and common solution.

Squaresite has been working really well for us. 4.2% is still high though. It’s actually 4.20% which is just silly.


They may say that but you can 100% integrate Square with Shopify if you do it through EMerchant Brokers. It’s very easy to do and you can always reach out to EMB for assistance. A lot of sites say you can’t do it which is true in most cases, you can only do it for CBD processing

The Square sales reps are salty about it when you try to do it. I imagine they are commissioned but I’m not entirely sure why they try to make you jump through hoops to do it. Tell them if you can’t get on the EMB server you will consider other merchant services, as you are.

@moveweight @danker @stoopkid I realized that after I made the post, seems like a couple hoops to jump through to get it hooked up with a Shopify site. I took an order over the phone today and square charged me 4.5% (ouch)

Just start farming and you won’t have this problem since there is no getting paid


Barley dodged that bullet this season. And almost signed a lease on a retail spot a month before quarantine. Two things to be grateful for the rest of the year about


Everyone is tightening up their rates on small businesses right now. Banks are ringing out every last drop

We are embedded in the hemp/cannabis CBD/G space located in Portland,OR. We own dispensaries, a post extraction lab, a hemp products distribution co and A CREDIT CARD PROCESSING company. We are not resellers, we developed and own the software and processor and we serve from an in depth insider knowledge of our industry! hmu at clifton.pieters@isophlora.com or 5039354660.

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The name of your processing company would be a good place to start btw

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I have yet to see someone worthwhile best square in any single way sadly. Would have expected first data (clover) to step up their game faster. Also would have expected to see MasterCard and Visa by now. What with hemp laws etc. square works with the most open web software and also provides retail pos solutions and their own website if you don’t want a better one than they provide. Nobody is competing with their market. Thc payment processing and retail payment processing for dispensaries is a very different ballpark, but cashless atm (debit only) solutions solve that for everyone. PayPal & stripe still say nah nah. Amazon still says hell no.


Oh wow. Woocommerce just added their very own payment processing. Wordpress users take a look.

Also: Point of Sale for WooCommerce - WooCommerce

For anyone wanting to abandon their POS provider…

Womp womp. Woocommerce payments is just a Stripe white label…


For CBD products?

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Nah, woocommerce payments won’t work (stripe).
Square is still my recommendation or if you want to carry derivatives terpenes or thc seeds I have an alternative solution.

TransactFirst.com and BillMyBank.com can be a solution for payment processing higher risk products.

Square application is the usual (has pos software free)

You definitely can sell edibles and isolate and other cbd
cbg products etc with Square. D8 or anything with thc would probably better to be with transactfirst.

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