CBD Market Research

Hello Everyone,

I am conducting a market research project for the CBD industry. I was told to reach out to you all because this community specializes in CBD products. I have a survey takes about 5 minutes, it is used strictly for academic research purposes. All data that is collected will remain anonymous. If you are interested, please email me at amteitelbaum@gmail.com. Thanks!

What is the survey specifically regarding? Will the results be publically available?

Who are you doing this for? Academic are industry? Where can I see the results after you collect them?

There are a lot of people here I’m sure would be happy to talk for a fee, myself included. Unlikely you will get much info without either paying or being super open about what this is for

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Survey is regarding market research for the CBD industry. Results will not be publicly, available. This is an academic survey. Let me know if you want to participate ! Thanks

What institution are you affiliated with? Most everyone under a farm bill research program is technically affiliated with an university. Who has access to the data? What are you using the data for? What data are you seeking?

Being coy won’t get you anywhere.

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I am affiliated with California State University Northridge. Data is not publicly available, nor will it be published. All answers and responses will remain anonymous. We are using the data to help a start up company restructure its marketing operations. The data we are seeking is to correlate consumer behavior with CBD products.

After the whole Phylos scandal people are pretty reluctant to help “research” nowadays unless the uses are 100% transparent. I’m sure if you provide more info people will be more open to helping you.


K. Feel free to buy a clue.


If you all want to take a look at the survey that might help , you don’t need to submit. I dont know what other information you seek.

Publish the questions here. You’re clearly getting compensated to conduct the research on behalf of a single commercial entity, your survey respondents should be compensated as well.


I wish I was getting compensated. But that is a great Idea to publish the questions here. I am just not sure people would feel comfortable answering these questions in a public thread. Perhaps you can email me the answers when you see them if you do not want to respond publicly. Thanks for the recommendation

We don’t care I’ll answer anything publicly


There are lots of extremely reputable CBD consultants on here that the company could hire if they want to succeed. It’s one thing to help a university publish new findings that we too can benefit off of but this looks more like a “survey” to help their business and the money just goes to your institution rather than the CBD professionals providing the actual insight.


Like I said there is no money involved, this is just a consulting project that I need to conduct as an academic requirement. But your concerns are valid. Here are the questions as you have collectively requested.

  1. Have you ever used any CBD products?
    · Yes
    · No
    · Not familiar with CBD products

  2. What form of CBD do you usually use? (check all that apply)

· Edible (CBD-infused food or drink)
· Drop or spray
· Vaping Device
· Topical rub or cream
· Cigarette/ smokable form
· Pill or capsule

  1. What do you use CBD for? (check all that apply)
    · Better sleep
    · For fun or recreation
    · Help with joint pain
    · Reduce stress or anxiety
    · Chronic illness
    · Helps you relax
    · Other (please specify): __________________

  2. How often do you use CBD products? (check all that apply)
    · Daily
    · Weekly
    · Once a month
    · Every 2-3 months
    · Once a year
    · Other (please specify): ____________________

  3. Where do you usually buy CBD? (check all that apply)
    · Cannabis dispensary
    · Retail store focused on CBD products
    · Online retailer
    · CBD brand website
    · Other (please specify): _____________________

  4. How much do you spend on CBD products per month?
    · Under $30
    · $31 - $51
    · $52 - $72
    · $73 - $93
    · Other (please specify): _________________

  5. Do you have a specific brand of CBD products that you like?

  6. How important are these factors when purchasing a CBD product? 

· Price (Not Important, Less Important, Neutral, Important, Very Important)
· Brand Name (Not Important, Less Important, Neutral, Important, Very Important)
· Convenience (Not Important, Less Important, Neutral, Important, Very Important)
· Quality (Not Important, Less Important, Neutral, Important, Very Important)

   9.   How often do you purchase CBD products? 

· Everyday
· Once or twice a week
· Once a month
· Other (please specify): __________________________

   10.   How did you learn about CBD products? (check all that apply)

· Friend/ Relative
· Radio
· Television
· Newspaper
· Social Media
· Other (please specify): ______________________________

  1. What factors deter you from purchasing a CBD product? (check all that apply)
    · Unclear information
    · Lack of brand awareness
    · Weak online presence (social media)
    · Unsure about products regulation
    · Other (please specify): ____________________________

  2. What is the strength level of CBD products that you purchase? (check all that apply)
    · 150mg
    · 300mg
    · 500mg
    · 1000mg
    · 1500mg
    · Other (please specify): ______________________

  3. What is your gender?
    · Female
    · Male
    · Other (please specify): _________________

  4. What is your age?
    · 18-24
    · 25-34
    · 34-45
    · 46-54
    · 55 and over

  5. What is your household income?
    · Under $29,999
    · $30,000 - $49,999
    · $50,000 - $74,999
    · $75,000 - $99,999
    · $100,000 - $149,999
    · $150,000 - $199,999
    · $200,000 or more

  6. What is your marital status?
    · Single
    · Married
    · Widowed
    · Divorced
    · Living with partner

  7. Race Ethnicity
    · Hispanic or Latino
    · White
    · Black or African American
    · Asian or Asian American
    · Other (please specify): _____________

  8. Education
    · Less than High School diploma
    · High School
    · Some college
    · Bachelor’s degree
    · Graduate degree
    · Doctorate degree

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This is the territory for consultants. If you were doing the project for the university and the results were public, many more would be likely to answer your questions. Many of us can easily say what products are and are not working in the current market. Many of us could help guide most any company to having a successful product line based on what we know, but usually that costs money. I am guessing this is a project for a class you are taking?


That is correct, this is for a market research class that I am taking.

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Those questions are harmless. I thought you were looking for much more in depth information


When your professor asks what you learned conducting the study, [quote=“stoopkid, post:15, topic:51765”]
It’s one thing to help a university publish new findings that we too can benefit off of but this looks more like a “survey” to help their business and the money just goes to your institution rather than the CBD professionals providing the actual insight.

Quality and quantity of responses highly influenced by proposed end use of data

Got a link to the survey form? Post it.