CBD isolation ?

Does OTSST work the same for cbd as with the crash out? If not is there information on cbd isolation thats simpler than chromatography and doesnt involve pentane?

No. Yes. Yes, Heptane and Hexane work too, but not as well


Great, they told me at terrp extractors that the crash out works the same for cbd as thca, probably just trying to get me out of there lol…

Afa saturation/supersaturation goes, it’s similar. But it’s a different process unless the flower is high in CBD to begin with, since CBDa is much more difficult to Crystallize. Typically people extract a CBDa rich crude, DeCarb, distill, then reX the CBD in pentane


Hmm ok i will see if I can get the fast 1 can per oz dewax separation to work that I can sometimes get with butane and go from there lol

I believe he said no that wouldn’t work …these guys know there stuff they trying to help and save you time

Well the engineers at Terpp said it works the same, and I have found no evidence that anyone knows the 2-4 hours single solvent dewax 50%+ isolate method, which is what I’m referring so more of a reading comprehension problem…

Plus I have used my several hour separation method on stuff that was 1:1 thc to cbd and it pulled just as much isolate as 30% flower so…at least worth a couple days messing around to try to get it to work but in reality im probably able to sell cbd shatter for a comparable price as bulk isolate in this economy so probably best just to focus on production but definitely going to try the easy crash method lol just wanted to ask first :innocent:

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Let me know when you want to scale up to a process scale that produces this beautifully pure medicine for your clients


Nice that’s what up i was actually just offered an extracting job at a place that’s doing similar but I am trying to find a way to skip the pentane step, plus Id rather have full spectrum sauce style isolate instead of flavorless Crystal lol but to each their own, I’m sure companies like Pepsi would be interested but I grow no pesticide no till organic so probably headed in the solventless/rosin direction soon anyway.

Full spectrum isolate sounds like a lofty goal my man keep up the good work


The cbd warehouse in the springs offering me a job seem to be distilling using a shortpath then turning into Crystal using pentane and a freezer from what I gathered but I was hoping to find a way not to have to use another solvent besides the tri-gas used for extraction like the idea of single solvent dewaxing, and seeing as I have pulled crazy crashes from catatonic sour tsunami (15% thc 15% cbd) I was hoping the cbd will crash the same way but currently using my chamber for testing before I can give it a shot but just a few hours of testing should clear things up…

Full spectrum isolate is just a fancy name for either high cannabinoid diamond sauce or dirty isolate, just is mostly isolate but also has a delicious flavor, basically same as diamonds with a little sauce on them, except without the nasty flavor of the pure diamonds.

I respect and admire alot of the diamonds everyone is making just not sure why your not just heat gunning or quickly passing the white isolate through the oven to make it clear instead of letting it slowly turn into diamonds with all that time/work in ways that create even more work to get even more chemicals out of it. But we each have our own systems and knowledge so and clearly not everyone knows everything lol

But from a smoking perspective, I am sure smokers appreciate having another option than pentane/butane/propane isolate lol…why rosin is such a hit. Plus for clarity perspective in making sauce it’s better to add terps to raw light oil and then add diamonds instead of growing the diamonds out of the sauce which can create a darker appearance since your pulling all the lighter compounds out of it and leaving behind all the darker stuff 50% their original volume or what have you, but it’s nice to keep them together and not have to add anything for reasons as well so w/e.

I wonder if your cbd isolate would turn clear if you hit it with the heat gun :thinking::innocent:

cbd isolate turns clear/goldish depending on thickness and quality of the isolate.

Pro tip: use a heatlamp rather than a heatgun, the air from the heat gun will blow all the cbd powder.


Hello @ Winter323. By saying you have pulled crazy crashes from catatonic sour tsunami (15% thc 15% cbd) you mean you made diamonds with a 50/50 THC/CBD strain and if yes the diamonds where THC or CBD or both?

What about making hemp live resin from high grade buds and then cold crashing with pentane.

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