CBD Isolation - Beakers/Freezer vs Jacketed Reactor

Right now I’m building out an isolation room at a hemp processing facility and wanted to know everyone’s stance on beakers and a freezer vs jacketed reactors. Does using a jacketed reactor even make sense at less than 10kg of isolate per day? I have only used the beaker method and I know it’s pretty easily scalable, so any help/guidance on the benefits of the jacketed reactor is appreciated.


how big is your freezer? If budget is no issue, I’d go with a few reactors and recirculators, will give alot more control and probably see more consistency, and much easier workflow. However, if you can make 10kg of isolate a day in a freezer (or two) you would save some $$ upfront to buy reactor setup after first week or so :wink: God Speed!


I can show you how to make cbd isolate at a rate of 10kgs a day without expensive freezers or reactors

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We’re working on buying equipment now. Budget is definitely a concern, but we aren’t hurting either. The freezer we had planned was 17cuft to start (~3k), which should hold 24 x 4L beakers. We have most of what we need aside from freezer and overhead stirrers. Won’t a recirculating chiller/heater for the reactor cost as much as an entire freezer? The only option I could really find was polyscience and the temp ranges are way more than I need, so other suggestions are welcome! We found an inexpensive 5L reactor, but would that do anywhere near what a 17cuft freezer could per day? Thanks for the help!

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Hey whats up, is there anyway i can get you on the phone or consulting for CBD isolate ?

Yes message me with your phone number and i will text you to set up a phone call

How can you help us to make CBD Isolate. We just make crude and distillate. I have SOP for Isolate but don’t know how to make that work. Business person not chemist.

Sure email me at qgaconsulting@gmail.com