CBD isolate to THC

Is it possible to convert CBD isolate to THC???
Someone told me this today I was wondering if it was true… If I remember correctly it turns into delta 8 thc

Yes. I prefer to use isolate for THC conversions rather than distillate. In my experience, I have ended up with higher concentrations using isolate. You can convert it to both d9 and d8. Just depends on your process and techniques.

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I’ll like to kno what lab Instruments I need to purchase to do this conversion? Can you teach me how to do this ?

Of course. There is lots to read on this forum to pick your method. I learned a lot just from searching and reading. How much are you looking to process? A short path distillation set up can be pricey but best for large quantities. A small refluxer and heating mantle is good for smaller set ups. You’ll need equipment for clean up as well.

I have lots of CBD isolates that I’m trying to convert it’s just with heat but the add a special ingredient to the cbd isolate yo turn it to delta 8 and delta9