CBD isolate source needed for Europe

Hi Guys,

I’m the owner of a french company.
I’m looking for cbd isolate (from 100g to 5kg) with specific statements to meet the french regulation.
To meet french laws, isolate must be :

  • made only from stems, stalks and seeds (not flowers)
  • made from GMP hemp varieties registered in french catalog.

Here is the hemp varieties list :
Beniko / Carmagnola / Cs / Delta Llosa / Delta 405 / Dioica 88 / Epsilon 68 / Fedora 17 / Félina 32 / Félina 34 / Férimon / Fibranova / Fibrimon 24 / Futura 75 / Juso 14 / Red Petiole / Santhica 23 / Santhica 27 / Tiborszallasi / Uso 31

I need a statement that mentionned these informations.
Isolate must be 0.00% THC with no residuals.
Feel free to contact me.

Thank you,


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I feel like it’s going to be hard to find that product.

Nobody wants to use stems, stalks and seeds for CBD. The yields are incredibly low and will make the cost of product rise.

I might be mistaken, but I think Canada extracts from seeds. Check it out.

Also, wasn’t the limit put at 0.2% THC in Europe?


Yes, to be honest , I know this product doesn’t exist.
Yields from stalks stems and seeds are so low, and all french hemp varieties are poor in CBD.
I just need a company that can deliver to me a statement.
I know companies in Colorado that claims their isolate is made only from stalks and stems.
But I know they use flower in reality.
So I hope it should be possible to find a company that claim it’s from french varieties too.
No authorities in France will be able to check this statement conformity :wink:
You are right about THC levels in Europe, except for France. In France THC levels must be under detection limit in case of forensic analisys.
It seems BIG PHARMA is well introduced in France… lol

Maybe try your luck in Spain or in the UK.

I had no idea about the French limit.

Dans tout les cas, bonne merde :wink:

Hi CosmicBandit,
Thanks for your response. Please send me your contact


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