CBD isolate prices in Canada dropped?

Hi there. First time posting so not sure if right category etc…

Anyway im in canada starting a CBD chocolate business. Been getting the isolate for 12,000/kg but now have 2 ppl offering it for half that price around 5k-6k.

They are claiming they have coa’s and encouraging i get it tested myself (which i will of course) and if i get the range of tests (potency,heavy metal,pesticide,foreign material etc…) Then it shouldn’t matter the source right? As long as it passes all those tests with flying colours?

But also Has the price gone down that much in Canada with geniunely good stuff ? Or was i just paying way too much before at $12/g.

Thanks for any input

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Are the people making the offer Licensed Producers (LPs)? There are a lot of grey-market and black-market players still around in the Canadian market, and they are not exactly operating legally.

Is there a difference if im getting it tested?

Also Its not as if LPs are automatically cleaner anyway.

Luckily im just starting so ive only bought a bit so far, but i feel like 12 is really high

Price has dropped by 50% this year

Currently, only one Canadian LP makes isolate on a large scale in Canada(small scale still in reality) due to the value of distillate. Most Licensed Canadian Processors process to winterized crude or distillate and stop there since their value is twice what you quoted for imported isolate. Canadian LP produced CBD isolate is double your quote easy but will come down over the next two years.

12 is extremely high.
GMP certified producers in America are selling it for $1000-1200/kg right now.


I have been dealing a lot in Canadian Isolate. From what I have been seeing, the isolate MADE in Canada has been going anywhere from $12k-$20K, the labs in Canada are few and far between and good bio is hard to come by. The isolate from the US, brought to Canada through Health Canada/Proper Channels, has been going for anywhere from $7k-$12k. I have one supplier now that can do US isolate straight to your Canadian door for $6500- the guy is trustworthy but besides him I have seen some people quote lower, but it has all been BS product. I would be surprised if any of these people actually have the product or if they are brokers… I deal a lot with the supply chain myself and I know there are some bogus “labs” just trying to undercut fake prices.


Brokers run amuck in this industry. It sucks.
Hit up Mile High Labs out of Denver. They are GMP certified and almost positive they ship international. I am certain they will be lower than $7k.

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I am a broker (amoung other things) and should take offense… sadly I don’t though because I have seen all kinds of crazy


I should reword. there are some amazing brokers out there who help a lot of people make money. And I am thankful for the handful of those out there.
But as you have seen and we all have seen… Most of the brokers out there just stink lol.


Truth! haha

if you give this guy your money, it will get stolen likely. Buying from an unverified slinger who ignores the rules of this community would be a large mistake

Much love I will get verified

Let me know your prices please call me 9255954664

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