CBD Isolate on the ground

CBD Isolate on the ground ready to go. Approximately 18k kilos a month. $4400 - $4750 a kilo.



And the price Keeps dropping and dropping :confounded:
No hard feelings markets decide :fist_right:


Very interested

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Very interested… will you ship to Milwaukee? Please dm

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Instrested to. But I wonder the purity. I’ve terped some CBD and it have a taste to it.

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Very interested. Please contact me patrickkroon7@gmail.com.
Thank you

I would like to pick up at least one kg. Where are you located?

@CBGisolate Shoot me a message (I can’t for some reason).

looking to purchase contract at 4000kg a month can you quote me

Text +1 (216)7508983
Cbd isolate available

Send me a DM please.

Send me a message-Cant for some reason

Email me, jwindustries.colorado@gmail.com. I can’t DM here either.