CBD Isolate crashing out of PG

For the last year, Ive been making 20% w/v working Isolate solutions with PG to use for vapeable CBD. It has always dissolved very easily and stayed in solution with no problems. Recenty I switched to CO2 extracted isolate. Has anyone had problems with solubility in PG using CO2 extracted isolate?

as in 80% cut? jeeze thats gnarly.


Its 160 g of Isolate dissolved into roughly 600 ml of PG for an 800 ml solution. Hence w/v

I use that solution to further make a vapeable liquid.

I’m sure the CBD will counteract all the formaldehyde ? :rofl::rofl::joy::face_vomiting:


The final liquid is 60/40 PG/VG. Im asking an honest question here. I thought this might be a reputable forum to ask it. Apparently its a great place for criticism. Oh well.

The top priority on this forum is probably safety. That is why you are receiving the replies you are receiving…


Join the group, 35 minutes later tell us about your mega cut carts… what do expect? PG/VG/MCT anything is straight garbage to vape


I call shenanigans on this account…


It is as much a place to get flamed as to learn. I quite enjoy that. Those people pushing poison cuts should know so…that way they don’t try to hide behind ignorance if/when people fall ill. Be patient, if any place can offer an answer that isolate question its here. Don’t be surprised if you hear others comment on the amount of cut before you get your answer lol


I make the same 20% w/v solution with other solvents as well. MCT for tinctures, grapeseed for topicals etc. PG happens to be the solvent for vapeables. Is this a huge anti-vaping community? Ive vaped nicotine liquids for 6 years and my health is amazing.

I dont vape carts. This is a standard vape with infused CBD. PG is the carrier. Besides the CBD its no different than nicotine e liquid

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Have you tested the isolate? What percentage you working with?

I had it 3rd party tested, its greater than 98%

I hear ya bro. Some folks don’t care about their health and smoke ciggies, raw dog in Haiti and drink Draino for kicks. In the cannabis industry as a whole, we’re against cancer and for the best medicine available. You can argue that PG is deemed safe and that’s great, but it’s not derived from cannabis. Informed people looking for medicinal vape options run from cut vapes. But if you’re a dude that likes to cloud bust cotton candy flavored nicotine products for youtube likes then you already don’t care. 2 different demographic groups. Personally I like to stay healthy, but to each their own.

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Guys…this is his first post. Relax


Im 39 years old. Im not a cloud bro. Hilarious assumption though (truly, I loved your wording). Vaping got me off cigarettes and a 20 year habit. No more wheezing every night, hacking up every morning, and feeling like crud. You are right sir, to each is own. My experience with vaping made me healthier. No one can say that inhaling anything is healthy, but the inherent risks are greatly reduced. That was my choice.


Well, this has been fun! Now that Ive been roasted for making isolate based CBD e liquid, if anyone out there has experience with CO2 extracted cbd isolate, and how it behaves with different solvents Id love to hear about it!


Co2 has more broad profiles of terps/flavanoids/etc.

Idk what you oil is or who made it but co2 always has minors that will affect oil.

Hope this helps!

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so as you may have found out, alot of people here, myself included, consider heavily cut carts to be dangerous and bad for the image of the industry. PG is a taboo cutting agent here, it is known to degrade to formaldehyde when heated, You can debate that the coil doesn’t reach the heat threshold required for degradation, but even if there is a RISK of potentially embalming people prematurely, why use it.

As for your isolate crashing out;
do you have two COAs to compare, the EtOH(im assuming) and SC-C02 isolates?

the reality is there should be no difference between etoh and c02 isolate, if their purities are in the same range of 99%+ and they are quality isolates (ie; brilliant white coloration, no smell etc) then they would be essentially the same. the deciding factor here might be the impurites within the isolate that is causing your cart to crash, you mention a 98% purity, thats really low, whatever else is in that isolate may be having an effect.

have you changed your brand of PG?
how are you homogenizing?