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Hi, i work for a CBD company based in the UK. We dont have the production space to produce our own edibles as of yet. We were supplied by folium biosciences for our gummies but they can no longer supply us with them. Our last order was for 20,000 25mg cbd gummie rings. Is there a company out there who can fulfil this type of order, we are looking to do business as soon as possible. The gummies must contain zero THC.

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Is your business dealings all in the uk?

Hello eastcoast, we’re based in the uk where 90 percent of our business comes from but deliver world wide. Why do you ask?

hello, we can do white label cbd finished products

You should look up www.infiniteCBD.com

They are a veteran owned company that makes excellent gummies.

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Thank you shadow i’ll look into it

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Hi, Kylan with Steve’s Goods here!

We are currently manufacturing around 10,000 gummies per week and are willing to take contracts for larger amounts if necessary! I can give you pricing and turn around times upon request! We have some of the most competitive pricing on that market!

Phone: +1.970.420.8186
E-mail: Kylan@stevesgoods.com

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Can you dm me lets talk, i work for a veteran Colorado based company specialized in gummies producting.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Our main concern for clients is a successful delivery of their package.

+1 on Infinite. Their gummies and suppositories fly off our shelves and taste great (the gummies anyway, haven’t tastes the suppositories :wink: ). Beware of their shipping charges though. They’re pretty steep.

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We can help you with this order. We are currently supplying some other clients in the UK.

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Hello @Stevesgoodsonline,

I was wondering if you ship to Mexico or if i can receive an order in a PO Box in Laredo

If so would you mind giving me the price for shipments and the minimum amount required per order… also prices

Thank you and have a nice day

For anyone interested, we run an Asheville, NC based company called Dark City - we create custom platinum molds for CBD gummy production. You can check out our molds on ig @darkcitymolds

We also have a great domestic CBD gummy manufacturing partner. Organic, vegan, gluten-free with 50 different flavor options. Happy to intro anyone who is interested.