CBD Distillate Sale - 64.3% CBD , CBG 42.7%

Over 100 liters available - no reasonable offers refused - have been selling at $4000-4500

Ethanol extracted, single pass SPD, daily output available
Total THC 2.65
Total CBD 64.3
delta 9-THC 2.65
CBDA .462
CBD 63.9
CBN .285
CBG 4.27

Large output processor
multiple COA’s available at request for a variety of refinements




We have Los Angeles and Medford Oregon sales available. Let me know if any other questions and thank you!

Smaller sizes available for product formulation/testing? Is it liquid at room temp?

Thanks for the reply, and sorry for delay.
I can send up to smaller sizes for testing as requested.
Distillate is stored at 37 degrees.
let me know any other questions.

Emailed you :+1:

Do you currently still have distillate available? shipping possible? I have a client looking to get ahold of some distillate im trying to source for r and d purposes.

We have inventory at all times in SoCal and in OR. Shipping is fine as well.

Can you ship? An can or will you sell 1/4 liter for first sample?

We ship, full liters only, no maximum as we use freight on orders over 12.

Is there any CBD distillate still available? If so how much can we buy at a time? looking to purchase large amounts!

Sorry for late reply, dont come here as much as I should. We produce 80L a day, so yes always have supply chain licensed raw goods, hit me if you need.

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