CBD distillate noob

I’m sure this is a noob question, but is there a % cap on CBD distillate?

Well at more than 60% iT starts to cristelize so Yes but while hot You can hit way higher

Ive gotten crystallizing at 20% cbd just fose that


I was told highest it usually ranges is 70-80, doesn’t go much higher than that, is that true?

If i would liquify

isolate by heat and run iT treu the SPD i get 98% oil out that probably starts crystelizing in the flask
If i would clean a crude with all the Tricks up My sleave i guess 90% is possible
Problem is iT wants to ccristelyze so a Bucket of Distillate is a rock after a. Week

What if it’s CRD?

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Tell me the sop And i Will try iT
As soon as nature is manipulated iT gas a sour taste

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