CBD Distillate came back hot....now what?

We had a 3rd party processor that we’ve used before make some CBD Distillate for us. We just got it back and the THC is way to high for our liking and can’t sell it to our main customers. We complained to the 3rd party and they said it wasn’t possible and to test it again. So we had a different lab test it and it came back today even hotter. CBD to THC ratio is 3:1 or 4:1 depending on which lab result we use. Flower was 25:1 CBD to THC ratio.

What can I do? I know I can make isolate but that’s going to cost me and I will lose material.

Dilute it with more CBD isolate.

Next time, don’t pay em until they prove it is what it’s supposed to be. Have an agreement before hand what that looks like (3rd party testing)


Can you send the COA’s to Andrew@StevesGoods.com ? I have a potential market that this could be valuable to, hoping I can help!

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Can you separate with chromatography?

Distillate is tricky, because it’s technically a liquid (non-neutonian liquid), the heavier CBD molecules will eventually desend due to gravity, especially if it’s kept at room temperature and the jars have been sitting undisturbed for a while - if you grab your sample from the very top of the jar it will test highest for other non-CBD cannabinoids.
My advice is to either homogenize the contents and take a fresh sample, or stick a really long syringe needle way down into the bottom and collect your sample there for testing.
Other than that, like @future suggested, melt down some Isolate and mix it into the disty to change the ratio - follow the same guidelines afterwards for collecting your sample for testing.
Good luck


Crazy thing is first sample that was 4:1 was tested off the top of the jar. So I thought the same thing that THC was at the top. Second test done by mixing jar for a couple minutes and came back hotter at 3:1.

Why would the cbd sink to the bottom of the jar and not thc?

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I can’t give you a chem-degree worthy answer, but if I had to take an educated guess: CBD has a molecular weight of 314.464 g/mol and THC is 314.45 g/mol ? Also CBD’s chem structure has the propensity to crystallize while ∆9THC stays in viscous liquid form? This is what I have observed first-hand by working extensively with both types of disty.


That seems weird, cbd stills first, doesn’t it? Meaning it’s lighter when boils off at a lower temp?

CBD has a higher boiling point than THC

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Oh. Never mind I was backwards.

SAMSONITE! I was way off


Also shouldn’t our CBD to THC ratio improve? The idea is to purify CBD and remove THC. So our ratio in flower form should improve as we go into Distillate?

What form of extraction was used for the crude? Maybe something happened before it was distillate

All I know is they use butane and did 2 passes on the distillate.

I have to put in my $0.02 on CBD boiling point: I don’t believe the published bp values are correct. CBD has a shorter GC retention than THC (mostly influenced by bp), AND, as pointed out earlier, it distills at a lower temp , at a given pressure. Sometimes, faulty numbers do get published, and folks forget to trust their own observations! Not the first time…