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I am in the planning phase of putting together a CBD distillation lab/business here in TN. I plan on doing cold ethanol extraction then use a Roots Sciences SPD system for my final product. The problem i keep coming across is the lack of information on the financial side of the business. I cant seem to find any hard numbers as far as input vs out put to put in my model to see if this will be worth my time and money. can any one help their experience with this? any information will be helpful.

If you are going to do anything of volume you will need a wiped film never a short path. Message me if you have any more questioms


In Oregon, lbs of hemp range from like $30/lb at 3% CBD up to $300/lb at 18% CBD.

On average, I’d say most people are efficiently recovering 70-90% of the available CBD

Isolate is going for $4-7/g
Broad Spectrum" aka THC free, CBD dominant oil is going for $7-12/g


I couldn’t find real numbers myself when I jumped into the legal cannabis business. But I kept my investments as low as possible and did most things myself.

Definitely slower to get started than people with a bunch of :moneybag:, but I have zero investors.

Soon, I will be making more slangin distillate than I do as a highly established software developer; even in a bottoming out market.


im funding this with all cash and also have a 9 to 5… thats my worry, i dump a ton of cash into this and it goes no where… I will also be the only person with a Roots Sciences machine in the state. FWIW…

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If you make quality product for reasonable prices (cheaper the better here in WA), you will find a buyer

People seem to get caught up in price thinking their product is so much better than everyone else’s. I take the mindset that my stuff is good but not the best. And I will give you a hell of a deal.

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I’ve found some pretty cheap in southern Oregon in the past. All through Craig’s list however so COAs are questionable in regard to CBD%. First time I picked some up was back in October at a farm where you could pick your live plants straight from the field.

These were going for $100/ea for a roughly 2lb plant. If I recall correctly they were supposed to be 17%. Just checked again now and there is a listing up for whole plant chipped $4/lb with 4-5% CBD and tempted to pick some up at that rate but unsure about all the extra biomass from the stalk.

Also got an offer for 12% CBD All hand stripped flower off stem $45/lb that I wish I picked up while it was stil available.

@Future I would love to process OR hemp to distillate for the WA market, but I can’t find anything on the legality of it.

I asked the LCB once and got zero response.

It’s legal to take processed isolate, test it, and sell it. But can I purchase the raw biomass and process it?

I would imagine as long as the hemp is under the .3% THC it should be perfectly legal for you to cross state lines from Oregon to Washington.

There is a tracability aspect to it too, not just crossing state lines.

Hey. I am here in Tennessee also. The time and effort is definitely worth it as far as the market. Just have to capture your market. We do really well with tinctures and edibles. Rolling out pens and salves soon.

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what extraction process do you use?

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Here in the South a lb can range from 45$ for 13% on the stem biomass- 700$ for trimmed 18% that goes into a shop that people want to smoke(don’t get it but whatever) . Procwssors are selling grams for anywhere from 12-35$ depending on the qaulity of extract sold between processors. I can turn a gram out for about 5-8$ depending on the qaulity of starting material. Then the real money is in making it to the final product with end result having test from 3rd party and a label on it or a white label ready inventory. that same gram when put into a p rosuct can become 18-29$ value to my biggest wholesale account for finished tested products. Even more if it is your label and you make the end sale but then your talking about selling 50-100 individual products a day when you start getting to some good money. So it becomes easier to let shops sell the brand’s or whitelabel inventory. hope this helps.


thanks, yeah that helps a bunch.


We do ethyl extraction Recently paid attention to lost biologist cold ethyl tel. That was really a great read and made some really awesome product.

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whatchu talking deals?

We are actually in the exact same process just North of you in Kentucky off I-65, we are looking to be a distillate vendor and have had to really jump through hoops to even configure what the cost of buildout for labs, equipments prices, and who in the heck will buy this once everything is set in stone but I have come to many dead ends on finding the information out online and more so just calling selected labs and asking their consultants. Most people advise the consultation fee however you can make your own discoveries through hard research and questionnaires. We are in desperate need of spent biomass purchase or removal at extremely low cost, as well as avenues of folks buying this high grade distillate when we have our contracts and COA’s verified! Hope you can get with me and email any questions and possibly provide some assistance down the road vice versa!

@cdb091494 we offer biomass removal. What volumes are you talking?