CBD Distillate. 59.95% CBD. 11.4% CBC. 2.2% CBG.

We have 6KG of CBD Distillate available. 81.46% total active cannabinoids. 59.95% CBD. 11.4% CBC, 2.2% CBG. Priced at $4,750/KG. Product located in Colorado. Potency and Residual COAs available. Nice golden color. We were one of the first USDA Certified Organic hemp operations in the U.S. Info@1244Farms.com.

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Went back and looked and CBC appears in the Biomass test. Also the firm who did the testing is a lab that certifies and calibrates machines. Their level of accuracy is a couple more magnitudes greater.

Is this still available? Is there any THC as well?

Who are they if you don’t mind me asking?

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Altitude Consulting in Englewood, CO. They test at PPB. There is machines now doing PPT.

I like the dyslexic results of our distillate here in southern Oregon…its 95% CBD Distillate looks like “eh eh eh eh eh PineApple” lol