CBD Distillate $1500

Hello I have extra CBD distillate available. Great for formulating products. $1500/kilo


Interested! I’m in CO Springs, would love to pick up a kg from you.
email me. zach.b@strawberryfieldscannabis.com

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Sounds great! Talk soon

@MrRandy has them for 1k that’s the new price


Just because he has them for that price doesn’t mean that they are the only ones available. It also doesn’t mean everyone must drop their price and by making note of that here you are directly kicking me in the balls. And lastly it has pesticides. @Montucky623 -3 cool points for the bad vibes


Not apples to apples. Yours is P free so clearly worth more.


@Montucky623 Seems to just be upset that @MrRandy is selling kilos for 1000$/per. He was throwing a huge fit in that thread earlier about how it’s going to be the death of small labs…

What he fails to see is that distillate that is hot for pesticides is worth significantly less than regular full spectrum distillate. It’s going to cost 1000$/input kilo from any lab to remove the pesticides for you, and if you want to do it yourself you’re looking at needing to buy either a reactor for LLE or a CRC column if you want to go that route.

Not to mention the THC remediation.

I agree with you @Rockymtn24 -10 coolness points for plugging another seller in this thread just because @Montucky623 is upset that his margins are shrinking.

@Montucky623 were you really expecting distillate prices to hold at 2000$+/Kg forever?

You shouldn’t be spending more than $0.1/g to perform a distillation so what’s the problem?


how much is available?

As many as needed

Still have a few of these available.

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