CBD Crude $300/KG in Colorado

Hello we have 400 kilos of 70%CBD 80% total cannabinoid crude. Made with ethanol very clean. Delivery available anywhere in Colorado. 10 kilo MOQ. $300/kilo when buying 10 or more.
Full panel available and clean on everything. Organically grown.


Where in CO are you located?


Olathe, colorado on the western slope.

Yes winterized and decarbed

If you want to do a split I can have my guys bring it to distillate.


We have an amazing lab out here that makes distillate for us but thanks so much. I will keep yall in mind.

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I have access to 1000 kilos total if someone needs to get it done.

Do you filter your crude? if yes, down to what micron filter is used?

20 micron, 5 micron and 1 micron

ok, generally we like to see sub 1 micron filtering. Is this possible?

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It’s already made.

Please contact me, I 'm interested

Interested in purchasing 10 Kilos (will pay in cash), I will be in Colorado next week 3-15/16 and would like to pick it up if possible?

Still available

$300 kilos ready to go in Colorado

There was a dude selling crude at $150/KG. I can get crude for $250/kg. It’s a race to the bottom. I don’t know where the bottom is but it’s not here yet.

@Cannabis420 the $150/kilo is for 500+ kilos, my MOQ is 10. I’m sure theres plenty of people that think $300/kilo is fair. I’m already losing money at this price. Just trying to feed my family. This site sucks because one person posts a lowball price and immediatly everything must be sold for that price?!?!?!


Yeah I feel you there.