CBD crude $250/kg in Colorado

Hello 20 kg MOQ. Clean full panel COA. Organically grown. Available for pickup or delivery in Colorado. Thank you for looking.

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I’ll take it to distillate for 100 per kg for you or anyone that buys it

What do you charge for remediation?

Depend on multiple factors. Quantity, quality, contract, desired THC level. Pricing is between 500-900 per input kg. 500 per input is only with contract of 100 plus per month or a one time of 250kg.

How many kg do you have?

This is for anyone that wants to buy winterized decarbed crude in Colorado.

Or if anyone in Colorado want to convert it on a split basis please DM me. Cbn, D8, D9, etc…

300 kgs left

300kg x $250 = $75k purchase crude
300kg x $100 = $30k distill crude
210kg x $500 = $105k remediate distillate
~168kg of tfree for a total $210k

$1250 per kg of Tfree if you buy this crude and have me process it…


@THCremediation 1250$ is over market value for T free these days and you also told me that you lose 50% going from crude to Tfree.

We are still selling it for 1800-2250 per kg. And 168 out of 300 is close to 50% loss.

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Organically grown crude available in good ole colorado