Caviar/Moonrocks with Distillate. large scale production assistance

Hey guys,

Just wanted to see if anyone here has tried to make caviar/moonrocks with distillate on a large scale and if so what methods you found best for production.

Im looking for ratios of bud to distillate. How much keef if any was used. This is a shot in the dark but I felt like this is the place to ask if i’m going to.

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You can make them a couple different ways, but I don’t know your ratios. That depends on what you’re gonna sell them for. You want to at least get enough distillate on them so the kief sticks. After applying warm disty to evenly sized and nicely trimmed nugs hit them with a heat gun and toss in kief. Some people dunk em in distillate, then quickly dunk in water then toss in kief to get real thick outer layer of kief. Use enough oil or you’ll have mold concerns.


Ratios are up to you but I always preferred the idea of soaking buds in a butane/ oil solution and then add kief to the now sticky buds. Throw in vac oven for whatever necessary time under gentle heat and vac.

I missed the distillate part.

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