CAT 3 Trim, Crude, Distillate, and Flowers Available

For the California homies out there I work for several licensed cannabis companies, including two indoor cultivators, a distribution company, and a type 7 lab. We are actually allowing brokers to help our distribution if you need a license for license to license sales.

Currently we have 88% THC CAT 3 distillate for $7-8/g and indoor clean tested flowers for $15-16/lb. Also have butt loads of trim and crude. Text me if you’re interested. You can hit me up on instagram @indigoextracts


@BG305 I know your always shopping


Whats the % on the trim and cost?


We are licensed and ready to bag n tag 6-8k pounds of Cat3 10%> trim. Please contact me today @ (657)456-4233

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Dm on ig

Hey I dmed you on ig

Im looking for cat2 phase 3 trim 1000lbs ready to go for medical use license to license with bcc license transport. Call michael at 909-300-1664.

Sent yall a dm on ig

please I need trim what is the percentage

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Looking for trim and so many other products in large bulk orders please contact me and reference this post shatterhoatgmailcom thank you.

Looking for THC Crude in southern cal… Need asap

My company can facilitate cat III winterized decarbed crude and distillate in so cal. Please feel free to reach out to my email L2L only

Please call me

Call me please 707-339-5696

Call me don’t do ig