Cascade Sciences Overstock: You heard it here first!

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Cascade Is moving and clearing the warehouse. Future 4200 exclusive look for 24 hours.

Dry Ice Cold Trap KF-25 connections. List Price $950, Special $700. 14 at this price

Vacuubrand RZ 2.5 Vacuum Pump List Price $3,054, Special $2,200
Two at this price

SOLD OUT! Hei-Therm RL-720 Refrigerated Circulator List Price $3,683, Special $3,000

SOLD OUT! Lab Society 2L Short Path System. List price $6,995, Special $4,500

SOLD OUT! SMO-5E- 120V, Economy convection oven 5 cu. ft. UL/CSA approved List Price $2,500, Special $1,000


Do you have any other deals on Lab Society? I’m looking for a 5L and a 12L system

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Is the short path turn-key?

I’ll take it

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I’ll definitely take an oven if it’s still available!

Everything but the pump and chiller.

email your order to

awesome thank you, I did that right after asked.

that’s it from me right now

I really want that short path

bundle it with the chiller and pump for $9,700. that is $4K off list

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Will let you know Monday

We need your phone number to ship. Can you pm it to me or email?

I’ll buy today ready with a card if they don’t