Cart printer?

does anyone know what printer is needed to print logos on carts?

I’d offer you this service but its not ready until next quarter, and only with my carts and disposables


No need for two threads with the same question, try searching first.

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Get the epson dye sublimation printer. They got one for like $400 this year, desktop style.

this has nothing to do with the other post. this is printing logos on actual vape carts. the other is about packaging for edibles. 2 totally different printers and subjects.

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is there some kind of jig that is required to print on carts?

this is what i am looking for

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is it better to msg ya on here or Instagram. I need to talk to you on pricing/

In that video they are using a mimaki uv inkjet printer. I don’t know much about the technology but it seems like it sprays and hardens uv ink droplets so that you can apply to a 3d surface without having to contact it directly with the print head. I’ve had my eye out for something cheap/used but the lowest ive seen are no-name knockoffs on ebay around $2k.