Cart farm is worst company ever

Go on right ahead. They will tell you your reading comprehension is shot and you look like a tampon.

The syringe you posted does not work with gels. Go run your room temp vegtable oil filled hte thru it and report back. I own every single check valve syringe ever made, from the ones chiquita bannana uses to prevent the bannanapocolypse to the overengineered socorex that fails with higher viscosity liquids. There is a reason I use the HSW still when I literally built the only better syringe.

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I don’t even need to explain myself. But you should really just work on your SOP

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Yes as stated and you can see my posts from years ago if you type it into search bar… you used to advertise it works for htelive res and even CRUDE. Im not arguing with you, yes as i posted when i linked the syringe it is meant for liquids… so why the fuck did you sell it for oil applications u sht head?

Dont answer it i dont need your bs answer. Ik what you advertised glad you changed it again dont care for any sort of incrimatiion by the law but you def a shady salesmen who deserves the rep

Probably because it CAN be used for oil applications lol

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You have to heat your oil for use in the hsw. You can use almost any type of concentrate in the hsw as long as it is liquid. Your concentrate was a gel. Gels don’t flow well through check valves.Heat the gel and it becomes a liquid, which would allow it to flow thru a check valve.

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I dont argue that, but it requires you destroying high quality resins. Fills distillate great cause you can heat that mofo well w.o issue.

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Yeah your oil desperately needs to be deconstructed and reintroduced if it’s not able to function in a HSW

Some of my really poor decarb rosin I’ve not been able to use a CF50 for because of the valve qma mentioned. So I use something else and I got a better decarb tech. That’s why I’m saying just step up your SOP and understand the cart farm is amazing and that’s why your upset your resin won’t flow through it. Enjoy your night :call_me_hand:t2:

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It’s this syringe for people that refuse to use the hsw properly. It can fill under 160f to make people like @og_extracts and @Dukejohnson happy. Even though I personally don’t believe in filling cold, I will still make the best product possible for it.

I don’t advertise it much because I don’t believe in cold filling (I think cold filling is dumb)

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what’s the minimum temp on the regular farmer?

The minimum required temperature for the HSW farmer is 80c on the line and 70c on the res, roughly translating to 175f on the line and 158 on the res. This is for extreemely low viscosity concentrate. , ala thin hte. For hte like @og_extracts was using, you would want to go higher on the line, possibly 85c.

The above temperature recommendation is irrelevant in this case, as his line was wrapped backwards, and that version of line was unheated on the last 3~4 inches of line (people often overlapped that part around the dispenser, and I wanted to avoid fires). This unheated part he had wrapped around his reservoir, leading to the bottom of his reservoir to be unheated and therefore a heat sink to cool the material before it entered the line. The line was also wrapped very loosely, leading to even more cooling before it hit the dispenser.

This version of cart farmer had thin lines (2021) which held heat very poorly. The modern farmer has a 1/4" id on all lines, causing more oil mass than wall mass in the line. In The og case, the thin lines being poorly heated led to failure at the first check valve. Since the plunger was not wetted, id drew poor vacuum which led to even more heat loss as og struggled with feeding his dispenser.

By the time og had the oil in his dispenser his now cold oil had to contend with the nozzle check valve, leading to complete failure.

If his reservoir and line was wrapped the opposite way, his entire experience would have been way smoother. The reservoir pad would have been heating the reservoir instead of the velcro, and his line would have been heating the underside of the reservoir instead of the air around his filling needle

Unfortunately, my former employee was not able to explain this, and I had no wish to, as I know when people are gonna actually listen to me. I did not want to end up arguing with @og_extracts at that time, because there were still ways to prevent this issue. I was actually glad to have him refunded, as that made it easier to move on.

The nightmare scenario is when people refuse the refund. One of @Future homies ended up refusing the refund and demanding I fix the actual dispenser. I did something even @Killa12345 would never do, and solved their issue by flying out and then redesigning the hsw in the course of two years. They ended up purchasing a single CFS syringe, and never using it, as they ended up running hotter.


Do you recommend the 3ml cf syringe on the k4 or the hsw…?

The hsw version of the k4 is discontinued. The k4 needs to be a tank, and a tank shouldn’t have a weakness in it’s gun. We still do warrantee service on them, but aren’t selling any more units, as they are limited to 0.4 to 1.4ml where the k4 can do 0.5-3 ml. The thicker stainless steel dispenser holds heat way better and the 0.5cc check valve can hold a significant amount of each dispense chambered and ready to reload without cavitation on thicker extracts. The product was built so I could talk shit in peace (this product makes @og_extracts entire tirade invalid LMFAO)

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Why I cold fill. D9 looking like water


I think you have this person confused with og cannabis from Oregon. :man_shrugging:t3:

close but different…… happy Easter. Trading in my cart farmer for a shrab filler


I do unfortunately. He may not be a hypocrite or a tampon, but he is still an og extracts which is almost as bad


wtf you go higher for hte than you do disty? someone arrest this man lmao. this is a fucking crime :skull:.

Mans never had good hte in his life clearly. I understand now, your probly from a state that has shit product. its not your fault.

This is the average consistency of my hte, yes the temp is accurate. Some people seperate hte before THCA crashes for good reason imo but yea keep assuming that terp fractions need a higher temperature to make it less viscous. That shit at 40 degrees is like cut distillate @ 175 :skull:

Your hte was dark and fatty. It was about as good as your reading comprehension. No matter what you have now, it doesn’t change what you were trying to run through that poor cf250


So what your saying is you can tell fat content of an extract thru a picture/video? Interesting. I love how you just dig your credibility more and more into the hole each time i message its great.

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you sure can if you are given an accurate temp! you are the one who provided that data point