Carla Kay aka eloquentsolution



Name: Carla Kay
Company Name: PharmEx
Contact Info:
Location: Portland, Salem and Eugene, Oregon
Team Size: Five

Services Offered: As Chief Operating Officer of PharmEx and former/founding member of Skunk Pharm Research I consult in processing site design, closed-loop extraction training, ethanol and post-processing, new product and SOP development. We also do speaking engagements and patient consultation with Dr. Kate input. PharmEx products are available in select OMMP dispensaries and by way of patient to patient transfer. We are also scientific equipment reps in service of site plan design.
Rates, if public: negotiated by project starting at $200/hr, medical discounts available.
States Available in: all states on case by case basis.
Insured?: Limited
OLCC Workers Permit?: Yes, more importantly, Pharmex is an OHA Licenced Facility available for hosting.

Portland City Regulations

Yay! Welcome Carla.


Do you guys consult with firms looking to hire or vet biomass Isolate processors


Who is Dr. Kate?


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We are a DEA lic mfg facility ( rx- pharmaceuticals and formulations ) in NY state. We are looking to get the NY state lic for growing (indoors) and processing industrial hemp with and without THC. Looking for a consultant who can work with us in acheiving our objectives. Please respond if this is something that fits your criteria. We can discuss in detail.



Let’s set up an initial phone call. Reach out to my team at and we will set up a time.