Carbon scrub

Hey guys first time poster. I’m new to extraction and have a question about carbon scrubbing. I am getting ready to do my first short path run on some cbd oil that has been fully processed, purged and all. My question is what ratio of ethanol to oil should I use so I can filter it through the activated carbon? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and look forward to learning a lot from all of you.

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you’re very very welcome to absorb the knowledge on this forum, but very few people will spoonfeed for such simple questions.

not to be rude, but its rude to ask questions that have been answered 1000 times… how much effort are YOU really willing to put into this science? or are you just wanting to be given a fish? :smirk:th



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Hi, Congratulations on your first post and welcome to the community!

10 parts solvent per 1 part crude and filter cold as possible, funnel, flask, solvent, and crude all chilled prior to beginning the filtration.

Its pretty simple so people will naturally respond you look for yourself but sometimes you’ll get an answer for people.


I appreciate your response. I was thinking 10 to 1 since I use that for my ratio when I begin winterization. Just wanted to be sure.

And thanks for the heads up I’m pretty new to the site and have noticed a lot of people referring one to the search bar. My mistake I guess.