Carbon scrub technique questions

Should the silicate be pre washed with hexane or pentane prior to use and has anyone topped the silicate with perlite filtrate?

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thanks @Davesextracts!

I had never heard of perlite being used as a filteraide…

I’ve learned something, I can go home now :wink:
(lab rules: not allowed to leave till you learn something new!)

yes, you should flow a couple of volumes of whatever solvent you’re filtering in over the cake. my understanding is that running solvent over the bed is more about getting it settled in properly than actually “washing” it.

although washing doesn’t sound like a terrible idea…


That filtration press looks like something someone just released…

They use it here commenly here for wine filtration, the old timers say its not as good as the aspetos that they used to use due to the heavy metal content.