Carbon Polishing Before Winterization

Trying to get my post extraction workflow nailed down. I’m using a CUP ethanol system and it was suggested that I do a carbon scrub immediately after extraction and prior to winterization. Any thoughts and/or suggestions on whether or not it’s better to do a carbon scrub before winterization, as opposed to afterwards?


are you running it with rm temp solvent?

Just saw this posted. Makes a lot of sense to filter it first, especially if there is a lot of undesirables.

I have read that fats, waxes and terpenes are natural anti-oxidants. After extraction I like to concentrate the solution down, filter and then winterize. Results have been decent so far.

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With the bho crude I process I pour it straight into ethanol, winterize for at least 12-48 hours then filter stage 1 for fats and waxes while it’s still cold. Then I carbon scrub at room temp for best results, filter stage 2 & 3 over silicate bed.