Carbon filtration

Hi friends! been hidding in the shadows for a bit and finally decided to make an account. Today I decided to try to clean up some bho made from fairly fresh material but it ran on the darker side because of this we decided to desolve Into iso winterize and filter through a #1 filter paper. It sat around for a couple weeks after that in a dark cabinet. Today with some time on my hands I filtered it through some carbon first sample was straight filtered through a bed of DE then carbon pellets on top, second sample had carbon powder placed into it then filtered through a bed of DE and then a small layer of carbon powder. What I found interesting was the second Sample “B” was more of an red amber vs sample “A” was still amber but with more of a golden tone. I should include that I used the same bed of DE in each run.

  1. Sample A
  2. Sample B
  3. Starting wash


Is the third picture a first pass or second pass already?

Did you run it through a chromatography column?

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