Capna Ethos 6

Has anyone had experience with the Ethos 6 by Capna systems? What are some cons of the system? Whats the maintenance like? I was pretty dead set on starting my operation using C02 extraction but the more research i do i feel as if ethanol extraction seems to be the way to go.

Cryo ethanol is definitely the way to go in my opinion, depending on your scale and municipality requirements.

Disclaimer: I haven’t used their system.

With that said, ethanol is expensive. With an ethos 6 you lose ~15% of your ethanol and likely a bunch if cannabinoids without adding an additional solvent recovery step (centrifuge).

I did a pretty comprehensive analysis on the existing ethanol systems on the market, and none of them met what I felt to be an adequate level of performance.

The newest Delta Separations set of equipment/systems seems to be close. Call it ~350k as a guess for a full turnkey off the shelf biomass to crude system that will do 45-90lb/hr.