Canopy Growth equipment auction

Canopy Growth has an equipment auction open which starts in 4days. You might find something useful,

Check it out


its insane how much stuff is being auctioned off and who the hell made these purchases to begin with?


Nice share @CosmicBandit thanks for posting!


Seriously…I’m wondering the same thing.



I might have to trt and get one of the t2 trimmers if they go for the right price.


there’s only like 20 of them available LOL. You should be able to get it for a steal.


It makes me happy to see Brad and Chads money was spent like this



lots of trimmers. Ive seen auctions for SILVER AND GOLD sell for way under spot price. Hopefully this works like that and i get a twister


Be careful with bidding. Shipping may cost you a fortune, those hgp auctions shipping/packaging are rigged and colluded and you may endup paying $1000s in packaging and shipping for something you paid $200 for.


I have a t4 for sale shoot me an offer

Keep in mind all the people who got fucked out of a job because Brads and Chads didn’t see this shit coming. This all just Canopy buying producers up and selling off their excess bullshit because they couldn’t be competitive. Get ready for it in the States when interstate commerce becomes a thing

On the up side: DISCOUNT SHIT!!!


That’s why we go rdwc. Cheapest grow method around, and it’s just a race to the bottom


I gotta bring a truck to the next cannacon. bizzzy? undercurrent was offering me a bungh of giant 4 x 4 undercurrents free. I dont have a space for them but I hate turning down free shit. I hooked up another guy at the convention and he was happy.

You missed out for sure

Yes it is. Water is the future

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my 9000 dolar homogenizer costed more in shipping than the price I paid. and it wasnt 9000 . I turned down free undercurrents today, they were 4 x 4 and had both big holes or small ones. I just am not in a spot to store them or bring them home, i got a ride to the event and was asking him about running out and renting a truck and he wasnt down. These fuckers were robust, gotta find the manufacturer. He suggested 12 air stones per and a 600 or 6000 gph pmp and he had pics of like 12 of the 4 x 4 in a space rocking it.

Current culture h20


they werent current culture. its big square 4 x 4 units it was used and mildly bent in transit and they were throwing them away. i told another guy about it and then saw him outside and he said hes getting his truck the pump is current culture but I forget this peoples name. I think he said they were 80 gallon each

What does 4x4 mean? 4’x4’?

They make pro units that hold more plants and the bucket is 35 gallons.

You probably weren’t looking at current culture though

The pump was current culture? I don’t believe they make pumps. Last unit I bought from them came with Danner water pumps and Alita air pumps

Find some product info, im intrigued

it was something similar to bizzy but obv not and they were out of washington i believe.