Cannacon show in Detroit.

We have great deals. You can roll out the door with a rolling table and full short path setup up to 30% on almost everything. One day only. Show specials. Everything from chroma, to filtration, to short paths of all kinds will be available.

Mantles I believe are 10% off sow special. Glass is 25%. Pumps have various discounts. All filtration at show is 25% off. Fraction finder, Apollo, sweep and various other digital controllers 25% off.
10-15% off various everything’s I may have missed.
15-30% spread and nothing will be sold at retail. Show deals. Enjoy.


I forgot it was this weekend. Thanks for the heads up. Are you going to have that techno mantle there?

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Yes there will be full systems with them on display.


Also polyscience chillers 20-25% off