Cannabis truly is the gateway of which we were warned. We now see of the potential of plant medicines as the grassroots paradigm it rightfully is. Cannabis, in particular, seems to have molecularly aligned with the precise nature of humankind. By some miracle of nature, Cannabis has had every organelle of our genetic predisposition and even our very way of thinking transcribed into its molecular verisimility. One could call it a (hopefully eventually finally) fortuitous next step in our evolution as a terrestrial species on this planet.

Cannabis and mankind are symbiotes.

If only by what it has shown us in this tragically brief time we have been able to get over ourselves long enough to discover, we are inextricably linked. Indeed, with what little rope we have granted ourselves, we can certainly imagine the potential of Cannabis technology from here on out. Cannabis is showing great promise in environmental science as a soil mending crop, providing oxygen, and sequestering carbon, and in chemistry making medicine, polymers, building materials, and several high tech applications like graphene and other nanomaterials science.

Let us just hope we are not too late in our forgiveness/appreciation of the pronounced psychological effects it has on us, though one could argue that even Δ9-THCa was specifically designed for this primate. It has its own built-in safety mechanism for browsing hominids who might happen to notice this aromatic plant is particularly nice to munch on as it ages… but even that takes a while to make its effects known. Later, only after we realize it is the source of this relaxed feeling, we hit upon all the magic of burning it and breathing the smoke, probably while eating food its fire helped prepare. This little snare keeps them with us, well before our understanding has time to get in the way.

What’s magnificent is that in the time she has been forced to stay in the shadows because of this silly “Hey look at me!” compound, she’s been bred to exhibit such a swollen and sumptuous stinger! The plant kindom has certain rights and irrefutable ways to show us silly monkeys her dominion. In the case of cannabis, this is not without ample rewards. The plant provided humans with nourishment, oils, medicine, and some of our very first textiles, all the while shining in its glorious way. It is truly no wonder why its virtues have been extolled by humans in Africa, Indoeurasia, Australia, South America, North America, and likely even Antarctica, for what few have been there.

We are only beginning to understand what it means to have an endocannabinoid system. Cannabis appears to have co-evolved with us to heal us and enrich our lives in ways well beyond the buzz. It is uncanny how easily mutable the natural cannabinoids can be, and always in non-toxic, often medicinally beneficial ways. Despite their action on such a fundamental human cellular signalling pathway, the cannabinoids do not easily develop physical dependency in people. Several cannabinoids are showing promise in treating some of our toughest diseases, and mitigating the symptoms of many others. Unlike almost any other medicinal compounds, cannabinoids are mediated through fat and oils in the body. Compounds like CBD and CBG are more benign than most oil based vitamins, and could easily be classified as such, while the various Δ-bond isomers of THC all have different cerebral and somatic effects. The wildly variable terpene profiles of Cannabis induce subtle changes in our reactions to the cannabinoids, and act as a human attractant and identifying feature of the plant.

Cannabis is a phenomenal natural resource for humans with still untold utility. Do you have more evidence of Cannabis/human symbiosis? Let’s talk about it! :nerd_face:


I cannot comment on much, as I am uneducated and only going off my experience…buuuuuut

It’s not only humans. I give cannabis to more dogs that people. It does absolutely amazing things for old dogs. My mothers 15 year old lab, who is asleep on my bedroom floor currently while she is out of town, has been taking CBD for two plus years.

I began giving it to her, as she suffered from arthritis. She had more issues that arthritis pain. Her mind was going. She was vacant. She would stare off into space completely zoned out. She wasn’t the same dog. 3 days later, after a minor daily dose of CBD, she was literally behaving years younger. Her personality was back, she was moving well, she had the look in her eyes like she was present again.

I give CBD and THC to some rescue dogs who have a hard time adjusting to their new homes. When the owners have asked…I have supplied…and the results are always positive when there is an actual need.

I believe cannabis has much healing power…because I’ve sent it with my own eyes. Its unfortunate our overlords wield cannabis over our heads as a form of control.


I give one of our German Shepard’s cbd and thc for her anxiety. Works wonders.


I find it funny bees do not have any cannabinoid receptors but humans do

Were supposed to use cannabis, if we weren’t we wouldnt have cannabinoid receptors in our brain


I would propose that there is at least some evidence that plants are conscious, and will make decisions based upon their environment.

A perfect example is the acacia trees in Africa. A wildlife preserve was having unexplained deaths of their grazing mammals, so they brought in a team of scientists to determine the cause. They found that overgrazing of the acacia trees caused them to produce a high enough concentration of tannins in the leaves to thin the herds out. They also found that the trees were communicating with each other via gases they were releasing, telling the other trees nearby to bolster their tannin production.

If plants are capable of this type of higher functioning decision making and communication skills, it’s seems incredibly likely that cannabis made the decision to begin taking on the characteristics that we desired from it. Especially when at one time it was everywhere, but, the drug war nearly wiped the plant out. Only in remote places and in the closets and basements of devoted growers did the plant survive. Seems if it hadn’t started doing what we wanted it to do, it may have been lost all together.


Cannabis lead me to mushrooms. All my best ideas have come from periods where I had consumed one, the other, or both :man_shrugging:t3:


Anyone read the book Green Gold the Tree of Life?? It shows how much we’ve been intertwined with cannabis throughout the ages, pretty interesting. The best part to me was the ancient stories of their heady seshs. They reported OBEs and visions that sound like our dimitri trips. They used it heavily in alchemy, religion medicine and magic. Ive always thought the plant medicines might have the ability to connect/raise awareness into other fields around us. But then again maybe thats just the plants talking and our imaginations running high.


@Xersist I think its efficacy in dogs is yet another example of symbiosis with humanity! Humans have been cohabitating with dogs and breeding them to fit our needs and desires for almost as long as we have been sentient! There is definitely something about dogs’ sensitivity to THC, too. Perhaps they have been bred to avoid eating our head stash, but their endocannabinoid systems still greatly benefit from the non-inebriating cannabinoids!

Yes, @ExTek90! Phalaris grasses are another livestock culling DMT bearing plant. Genuine phytocommunication has only been a subject of scientific inquiry since it was proven perhaps only a decade or two ago.

Hah! @Future, I intentionally tried mushrooms before anything else… though I had apparently been clam baking in the back seats of cars well before I could speak, and toking joints ever since I was able to ask!

No, but thanks for the book recommendation, @gebgemini!


I had to look this acacia tree thing up after reading this. I am absolutely fascinated by this ability to adapt in such a short time period. Nature is fascinating!


The signaling gas acacia releases is actualy methane
They will also fold there leaves once responding :kissing_heart:

So grow a million acres of hemp and then bury it in abandoned coal mines? (Rather than just storing it in the barn and waiting for prices to rise)

Sounds legit!!

Might even have half that lying around from this years harvest…


The endocannabinoid system predates human evolution.

Sea Squirt Genome Reveals Cannabinoid Receptor Older Than Believed

Not sure how it’s relevant but it’s important to note.


Perfect example of

plants can’t run away, or bite you in the face…so they have resorted to chemical warfare…


Another thing is the theory that prohibition of cannabis lead to mass Endocannabinoid deficiency.

This theory is lacking as cannabis is native to Asia and did not exist in North or South America until the arrival of Europeans. That would mean all the native peoples of North and South America would show signs of this deficiency or even mutations to the ECS.

As far as I’ve seen, this isn’t the case.

I’m not saying EC deficiency doesn’t exist in individuals, just that prohibition did not lead to a mass deficiency.

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The gases release leads to the grass clipping hay smell when wet trimming. They are attempting to signal other plants that death is coming



I also did mushrooms and a handful of other hallucinogens before I tried cannabis. I am very thankful for the way it opened my mind and allowed me to see the world in a different set of eyes. I also strongly feel it helped me problem solve and think in ways i never did.


LOL! Radiohempcarbon isomertopes!


Gotta love that quorum sensing effect