Cannabis roots extraction

I have about 10 kilos of dried, powdered cannabis root. It’s been sitting in my warehouse close to a year now and finally decided to do something with it.

Looks like there is some interesting stuff there however not much:

triterpenoids, friedelin (12.8 mg/kg) and epifriedelanol (21.3 mg/kg); alkaloids, cannabisativine (2.5 mg/kg) and anhydrocannabisativine (0.3 mg/kg); carvone and dihydrocarvone; N-(p-hydroxy-β-phenylethyl)-p-hydroxy-trans-cinnamamide (1.6 mg/kg); various sterols such as sitosterol (1.5%), campesterol (0.78%), and stigmasterol (0.56%); and other minor compounds, including choline.

I’m going to try room temp maceration in high pH water first then soxhlet extraction with ether followed by chloroform and finally acidic methanol. That should give me 4 different crude extracts for further processing. But does it make sense? Even assuming 100% extraction and separation efficiency the final quantity will be really small…

Any tips? Anyone interested in my results or extract samples? Or maybe it was already done and shared here but I suck at using the search function?


I’ve seen some mention of extraction on roots, no data though. I’d love to hear how it goes and what the extract is like.


interesante tema voy a seguirlo a ver que dicen los masters :+1:

I started this a while back and some friends proceeded dooing it
I will get a hold of them to see how there progress has been


But yes please keep us posted all thats canabis is facinating

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Awesome! I’ve been waiting for someone to explore this. There’s some info on root compounds starting on page 41 of the attached doc.

Russo Simon Fraser January 2017 Cannabis Pharmacology .pdf (3.2 MB)

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You can extract with alcohol and then the spent material can be used in baths or foot soaks (warm/hot water). The alcohol extract comes out to a dark sap when left to evaporate in a dish.
I would prep the roots with cold water to wash out the dirt then i tried and break it up best i could in a food processor. Then stuff as many roots as i can in a mason jar full of alcohol, i would reuse my alcohol 5 or 6 times, before evaporating it out.
(Id imagine the sap, could go for a hepty price though, theres some anti pain magic in there)
I dont evaporate it all out anymore, now i just mix with my desired topical oil and boil it out. It makes any topical work 2x better.

I grew up around famous spas and mud baths, i think cannabis root sap should be piped right into all the water in the spas, youd feel so much better than a regular spa. Might aswell allow cannabis consumption aswell and youve got yourself a very relaxing retreat