Cannabis Industry Leaders Predict 2022 Trends - What’s your prediction?

New year, new beginning.
Let’s predict what will be happen in this industry.

Long story short, I picked up some key words from the super long article:

“…I would say that 2022 is going to see an incredible increase in delivery.”

“I feel like this year will be a year of hope and change for all retailers and operators across the supply chain.”

“We’re seeing a move by dispensaries toward their own eCommerce sites to manage their online presence and orders.”

“I’m sure there are going to be plenty of new cool products coming out, our culture is just so creative.”

“If on paper your investor is telling you to grow a huge amount of cannabis every month, don’t do it. That’s what is forcing brands out of business.”

“Companies that solve problems and create diverse brands are those that will succeed in 2022 and beyond… Terpene formulations, novel cannabinoids, and lifestyle-oriented products are sure to be one of the manufacturing sector’s top trends this year.”

“Standardization (standardized test methods) is coming!”

“I see a lot of change in the regulation of hemp and hemp products in the coming year.”

“2022 will be a pivotal year for solventless extraction as it continues to scale and prove its viability as a commercial extraction solution.”

“2022 will be the first year that cultivation productivity increases faster than market growth in unlimited license states.”

“A new trend will be cannabis software platforms prioritizing hardware integrations.”

“With all the restrictions, barriers, and lack of control around social media marketing in the cannabis industry, many cannabis companies are realizing that email marketing is the direction of the future for connecting with consumers.”

“We are seeing more brands embrace this (women’s important role in this industry) and showcasing branding, package design, social strategy based on gaining these women as customers.”

“In 2022, I expect more advanced media reporting and investigative pieces about … and I also hope to see more news coverage about the very serious threat corporate MSO lobbyists are creating for small operators in the legislative pipeline.”

“2022 is going to be about face time. Navigating Covid has proven to actually be possible in the live event space.”

“2022 will be the year cannabis is integrated into mainstream events as was imagined when prop 64 was enacted…”

“In 2022, licensed cannabis companies will be held accountable for broken promises about diversity hiring and social impact work…”

“…For companies to avoid production stops or slowdowns, many will likely need to either increase wages, improve working conditions and/or company culture in order to attract talent, and avoid attrition to competitors or other industries.”

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Is it just me or does this quote read like thinly veiled pessimism?



Thc is going to loose it’s floor and drop tremendously in price.


My main prediction for this year is with the Vape ban and pact act /ends bullshit we will see a sizeable opening in the edibles market to step up. I’ll also go out on a limb and say gummy sales will start off climbing and then collapse to the floor as the year goes on.

Thinking this will be the year of chocolates :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean more hash isn’t the answer? Shit.


quality HTE has at least a year or two of buffer

my personal thoughts on this year:


Its like these guys are predicting 2021, it kills me every time hahahaha


That’s what it is

Last year was the year of the minors and I think this year will be more of the same. D8 and friends will drive the national conversation about de-scheduling. We will see whack-a-mole approaches from states trying to ban it and then, maybe, sweeping national reform in the following years. If the midterms are looking terrible for the dems, we might see national reform this year.



It reads like a baseball manager making an excuse for his shitty team that year. “Uhhhh yeah…things went less than stellar but we’re a newer team and this is a rebuilding year…please stop throwing lit cigarettes at us”


Growth in brands across country entering new states. Continued liquidations and farm buyouts. Continued testing crackdowns. Continued Med to Rec rollovers. Continued out of state and out of country investment.


Lol at email marketing


This. 2022 begins the global expansion.

This goes two ways. North American THC producers export tech and gear. Europe and Asia flood the CBD market with product made in factories that just don’t exist here at that kind of scale. Hang on, kids. It’s going to be a bumpy ride!