Cannabis/Hemp Terps only for flavor in Vaps Ban on all Botanicals?

I have heard recently in the past couple weeks of several states (New York, Oregon, etc…) issuing another Ban on botanical terps and flavoring in the use of cannabis and hemp products. They tried this before but were overturned to do lack of strong evidence of real dangers from the use of botanical terps. I heard that the now brought in the heavy guns with scientific proof to back them up with a very strong case to outlaw botanicals. Does anyone have specifics and facts to back up these roomers?


Here is the specific language NY is proposing and full attached regulations.

20-21hemp 2.pdf (738.9 KB)

(d) All inhalable cannabinoid hemp products shall meet the following additional requirements:

(1) be a closed system with a pre-filled disposable cartridge that attaches to a rechargeable battery, or a single-use product that cannot be recharged;

(2) electronic vaporization devices shall have internal or external temperature controls to prevent combustion and have a heating element made of inert material such as glass, ceramic or stainless steel and not plastic or rubber;

(3) except for hemp-derived terpenes , excipients and ingredients must be pharmaceutical grade unless otherwise approved by the department, and shall not include :

(i) synthetic terpenes;

(ii) polyethylene glycol (PEG);

(iii) vitamin E acetate;


(iv) medium chain triglycerides (MCT oil);

(v) medicinal compounds;

(vi) illegal or controlled substances;

(vii) artificial food coloring;

(viii) benzoic acid;

(ix) diketones; and

(x) any other compound or ingredient as determined by the department;

(4) not contain any flavors or flavoring agents, except for hemp-derived terpenes; and


:exploding_head: :partying_face: Whoa! NY is a huge market! Any other info on other states? I heard several other states are proposing similar regs . There will most likely be a huge gap in supply and demand for cannabis/hemp derived terps. If you can get your hands on them they will be more precious than gold!


Here is a terpene profile from a botanical source. How will testing tell the difference between “hemp” terpenes from botanical terpene?

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This is pure hundred percent cannabis/hemp derived Terps harvested fresh in the field! Here is the COA from our analytics lab, we don’t test for as many Terps which I’d like to change in the near future

How do we tell the difference?


Got Real Terps???

That retarded… they know BDT are not synthetic and they are in lots of food, right?


Good point, and there probably is no proof that Cannabis or hemp derived Terps do not have similar carcinogens harmful aerosols or negative health effects. If I had to guess it’s a combination of local governments trying to support and drive business towards hemp and cannabis farmers, processors, and products as well as deterring flavors that may be more attractive to children

From what I heard they do have quite a bit of arsenal to back up their claims, and some of the botanical Terps leaders are executing exit strategies

I’m not necessarily molecular bio chemist by any means but there is no substitute for the real thing there’s so many ancillary compounds and unidentified solutions in a true cannabis derived Terpenoid essential oil, it’s impossible to truly mimic the authentic benefits that sculpts the cannabinoid experience. Who knows some of those unidentified Terpenoid solutions may work synergistically in a very important interaction

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I read a really good peer review journal on the subject and now I cant seem to find it… but it mentioned the very act of getting the terpenes from the cannabis changes the structure of the terpenes… plus myrcene apparently is very unstable… anyways to get that skunky smell or anything like that they say you almost always have to add back terpenes. ugh cant find article now.

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Lamborghini time!


So I might be able to shed some light on this. I started my entrepreneurship in the vapor/ecig industry 10 years ago. NY has been anti vaping for years now, and after years of court battles, the proposed regulations finally stuck and now all flavored ejuice is banned in NY, including non nicotine ejuice and “flavor cbd ejuice”

The wording has to be strict and almost downright overbearing because if they don’t clamp it down, it could be interpreted as being an open path (loophole) to selling flavored CBD ejuice, thus opening the vapor market (which they don’t like).

Interesting sidenote, NYs attack on that industry is only about lost money (duh). The high taxes from cigarettes go through a pathway that funnels those funds back to the state and counties through something called the Master settlement agreement. This was a federal slap to big tobacco, imposing the taxes we all know on a pack of smokes that differ per state. These tax dollars go to federal first, where a small percentage goes to anti smoking advertisements (truth initiative) then forwarded to each state. The agreement did not state what these funds are to be used for, so NY and other states would use these monies as they wish. When smoking rates plummeted when vaping became popular, so did the tax dollars. This was a 30 year agreement and in the infinite wisdom, NY and other states banked on this money for their budgets and even pre spent the money in terms of loans/advancements/bonds, as it was never thought that smoking rates would drop as much or fast as they did. When it did the state was left with a huge tax deficit all the way down to the county level. When I started tracing the funds, I found out that one of the counties that was pushing hard for anti vaping regulations got a shit ton of money. Population of 45000, in a high smoking area, received about 1.1 million a year in cigarette tax revenue with no rules on how that money is to be spent. That’s a lot.

So stupid me went public with this information, as I was downright pissed that the “health professionals” in the area were blind to the science. Well, calling out government officials by individual name and exposing then in their shenanigans and blasting them gained attention of the media, and my videos and pictures went viral. No suprise, I was audited by the tax department a few months later.

I’m for sensible regulation, so I have to say I’m pleased to see the focus is on foreign material in the vapes, however there’s a lot that needs to be addressed with this proposed regulation.