Cannabis for a complete beginner

Hello! I’m new here. I checked out the handy data dump, however I’m struggling with absorbing the knowledge. I have some background in organic chemistry, but I’m a complete newcomer to smoking marijuana. Anyone mind recommending any resources for helping me understand the files in the data dump? I’m thinking the main obstacle is my lack of knowledge in regards to anything related to the marijuana industry.

Thanks a lot

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let me ask you this? what is your goal? What do you hope to acheive? There is alot if info out there, lets start by identifying a goal!


Step 1, stop calling it marijuana. Cannabis, ganja, weed, those are all acceptable, non derogatory terms for the plant.


Hell I think even "weed " is nasty term!!!

I would almost considered this place for the intermediate person ready to expand past things like growing… I’m usually wrong

This place mainly for the applications there after…but if u know what ur here for and I’m wrong good luck there’s so so much wonderful info just floating around here


I wasen’t aware of the deragatory nature of the term? care to emlighten me? :new_moon_with_face:


Ever toss a bunch of cannabis seeds out in a field? Weed is a perfectly suitable term I’m, since it tends to grow like one

@sohlet marijuana (marihuana) is the racist label our government applied to the plant during reefer madness. Has to do with Mexicans and such… If you are actually interested, give this article a read


Compressed brick weed and stuff u just toss out in field I might can call weed

But the beautiful stuff we get now deserves so much better

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interesting read! My research seldom takes me to these topics, thanks for the link! It is funny how the goverment trys to justify It’s actions through propaganda.



I’m considering trying to enter the cannabis industry

So your looking to start extracting?

What is your goal specifically? Do you want to make concentrates, edibles, equipment,ext?


is there logic behind where you chose to ask your question?

ie: what relevance does “Testing & Analytics” have to your goals?

I’m also curious why you think your ability to understand scientific papers has anything to do with the pot you have or haven’t smoked.

start with the Books folder in the data dump. there are 1/2 dozen or so that should prove helpful.

edit: while we’re here: stop setting your meds on fire. it’s not good for you :wink:


I’m just making reference to the fact I know nothing related to cannabis, and I’m looking to see if there is any introductory resources related to cannabis

we could better help you if we knew what your specific interests were.
For example: how does thc work on my body?
: what are the methods used to extract?
This is such a big topic, Its like saying " I want to know more about cars". It is too broad of a subject on its own to give you an answer without being more specific.

Probably both of your examples are among my interests. I have no definite limits to what I want to learn, nor do I have a specific purpose. The most useful knowledge would be probably how could I go about synthesizing my own dabs.

Regardless I think I found what I immediately needed at least for the short term. Thanks to the one who told me to look in the books section of the data dump, I found something thats a little more beginner friendly. The few other files I randomly opened started off with throwing advanced chemistry and biology at me, which intimidated me.

Thanks to all who tried to help or clarify my problem. I’ll probably ask for more help in the near future!


I’m in the same point of this guy but for the industry of cannabis, I have no idea about which are the extraction process and which are the products that can be obtained from cannabis. I’m chemestry enginee, I know which can be those extracion process but I don’t know nothing about the conditions of the extraccion process for cannabis can you help me? Thank youu

@shazam do you have a bachelors degree in chemistry? I might be able to offer you a job in Southern California if you are interested. I could get you up to speed pretty quickly working in the field.


Extraction processes:
supercritical co2
closed loop hydrocarbon extractor
ethanol extraction/solvent maceration
mechanical extraction (bubble hash/drysift/rosin

refinement methods:
distilation( wiped thin film/short path)
sublimation ( @beaker)
liquid liquid extractions (thca/ removing junk)
brine washing
carbon scrubbing
use of clays to decolor

thca crystals (isolate)
sauce (thca crystals with mother liquor)
shatter (bho, purged till stable)
cbd (isolate/ distillate)
d9 thc (distillate)
d8 thc (distillate usually “water clear”)
cbn ( distillate usually burned to sh*t)
sap (bho, not stable)
htfse (high terpene full spectrum extract)
rosin (squished buds or tricombs)

whew! I know I missed some stuff, anyone care to chime in?


Hey thak you so much from here I can start to read…There is something I still dont understand, talking about the medical uses of cannabis I though the most important product was CBD but I’ve seen that HTFSE is another important thing to know, why?

Good ole crumble/budder?