Cannabis derived native terpenes and more

Company Name: Novus Consulting
Contact Info: DM here. E-mail available upon request.
Location: IL
Team Size: 1

Services Offered: CO2 extraction (IES, Waters SFE,) post-processing (filtering, carbon scrub, dewaxing,) PROPRIETARY terpene distillation SOP, and Wiped Film/SPD distillation. CBD distillation and crystallization. BHO/PHO and more
Rates, if public: Situational based on extent of needs. $150/hr phone
$250/hr video
$1000/day + travel onsite
States Available in: All
Insured?: No
OLCC Workers Permit?:

What size year and model IES are you running
We have a two year old 40 liter. Run by an air compressor

No currently running extractions