Cannabinoid conversion while dabbing?

Explain like I’m 5 years old. When you vaporize/smoke/subliminate a cannabinoid do you inhale that cannabinoid? E.g if I dab some THCA am I inhaling THC? And if so when I dab THC am I inhaling CBN or a combination of things? Would reclaim from my dab rig be a good indicator of what I’m inhaling?
Maybe conversion isn’t the right word, idk what I’m asking exactly, do acidic cannabinoids flash decarboxlyate when dabbed? Is there a difference between smoking a cannabinoid and it’s acidic precursor?


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Yes all acitic cannabinoids instantly decarboxilate with heat


Just to clarify, you mean when enough heat is applied to vaporize? And if that’s the case what about non-acidic cannabinoids like thc, does that become the next cannabinoid down the line? And so on and so forth?

Or does this only apply to acidic cannabinoids?


THIS is a great question. There’s a large body of data missing from the conversation about what happens to THC when dabbing vs pen carts vs whatever.

We did a bit of research into this to see what would happen to some THCa crystals if they were heated on a nail and swabbed with a q-tip. Then we swabbed again after re heat and again. This kind of data could be collected from a cart setup by building an aparatus to condense the vapors, but condensing a single hit is difficult.

The results of the THCa test are posted here, ignore any auto labeling on this sample.

The sample is interesting because it’s the first time we’ve detected both d10 THC and THCa in the same sample, proving it is possible. The THCa conversion to THC was not entirely complete but close. There is some CBN as well.

One mystery right now is the single large peak between d9 and CBN. That peak is completely unknown to us but looks like it is present in significant amounts if it’s a cannabinoid. I don’t recall the % cannabinoids lost, which will hint towards how big of a deal that degradation is.


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Thanks for the input! I’d be curious to see the same test with a starting material of THC instead of THCA.

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If you hit a red hot thc dab you will likely get a thc benzene and cbn smoothie

Also the biggest variable other than temperature is the process to make the oil, is it crc and if so what ph?

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I been woundering the same thing, and was thinking abouthaving reclaim tested

THCa will decarb at room temp given the right conditions. THC will vaporize into CBN but the majority of it will just stay THC from vapor back to oil. Temperature plays a big role here as well. If you want to really know what you’re dabbing you need to analyze the starting material.