Cannabinoid Coffee Bean: Revolutionary or the new CBD pillow?

So it seems like a great idea, many of us wake up in the morning with a bong hit or the classic joint and coffee, why not combine the two?

I have a friend who has a CBD coffee bean company. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of interacting with a coffee bean “roastmaster”, they are essentially the hash rosin experts of the beverage industry. Super into the craft.

What I am wondering is at what point in the process is the isolate or distillate introduced into the coffee beans? The temps reach near 400 degrees when roasting the beans so that seems like a for sure no go.

I have seen quite a few other companies come out with CBD coffee beans and my thought was always that they must be diluting in ethanol or butane and spraying it on after roasting the beans. Which would explain the non homogenized bag I was given.

Is there a better way to do this? I know someone locally who roasts beans on his farm and I’d like to make a good old fashioned cup of CBN coffee.

Any ideas/ thoughts/ roasts would be greatly appreciated

Weed and coffee can be a major anxiety rollercoaster that loops into productivity and twists into cleaning sprees. I don’t recommend eating d9 and coffee in the same mix. With cbd it’s likely to be difficult to extract all the cannabinoids into the water so if you’re starting with a low potency Bean then you’ll have little to no cbd in the cup. Maybe an instant coffee mix with an emulsifier would be better. Gotta wonder about acidic conditions and those high temps during roasting of the beans… D8 coffee?


Yes oddly enough I haven’t been able to handle any amount of D9 at all for quite awhile, after enjoying it 24/7 for years. But really did enjoy that joint and coffee in those days.

A water soluble powder in a pouch of instant coffee is the only way I could comprehend this working with my limited skill set. but I still see the coffee beans at the stores I sell my products in and even companies that white label them.

I’d like to think there is a right way to do it with the beans in the roasting process maybe on the cool down or something I would hate to think my friends company is a total sham, but it is quite likely with all the nonsense out there these days.

CBD Infused Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans - just sayin.


CBD coffee beans have been available for some time now. Here’s one example that I am familiar with here in Colorado and they aren’t using any sketchy methods to infuse the beans. They’ve actually spent some R&D time to figure out a good way of doing this. I met them through a friend of mine who reps their products in Vegas:

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I tried CBD coffee at budtender appreciation night one time, don’t remember the company name. I asked the guy if they made the CBD water soluble before mixing it with the coffee. He gave me a “stern” look and said the process was proprietary and asked me not to question him further.

My interpretation was that it was bogus.


Thats how i get my best cleaning done… Panic attack cleaning!


Why not just ask your friend about his process instead of trying to guess?

You would have much better luck with an emulsified flavor syrup or coffee creamer. People like to pick their dose, plus you would not get that weird oily coating in your mouth/lips as you would with just oil floating on top of water.

A basic MCT creamer is already designed to do what you’re aiming to do. There’s a number of healthy alternative brands that you easily easily just mix in CBD without drastically disrupting its O/W solution. Many CBD users know the value of MCT so this would probably go over better than a regular creamer.

A flavoring syrup may be even better. 3 pumps = 30mg CBD and the perfect amount of flavor for a large coffee. Only problem there is someone might want more flavor and less CBD, or vice versa.

I personally would like a CBD Almond Milk for my coffee but I will never dare to compete with the ingenuity and branding going on in the almond market right now. Their R&D game is unreal. They are making literally everything out of almonds lately and doing an incredible job at it. I recently had almond flour pizza dough with almond cheese and it was damn good. So CBD almond milk probably already exists or will exist tomorrow.

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Yes the CBD is there, No it will not end up in your drink.

This guy knows

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I did, couple times hah. Didn’t get much of a response image

There is a company I like called Kikoko tea that makes CBD/CBN/THC tea bags that are water soluble

I prefer psychedelics for panic attack cleaning but to each their own I suppose

One time I made a batch of weed (decarbed bho) brownies with a single shot of espresso in the 12 brownies. We used coffee/water in our brownies at the bakery I worked at so I figured it would be good. Everyone had a panic attack including myself.


makes sense. my heart would explode if i drank coffee while high on a potent edible. high heart rate makes it pretty much physically impossible to be calm

I don’t understand how people have panic attacks from weed. :man_shrugging:

Even with edibles I just hit a point where I feel drunk and sleepy. (Around 75-100mg) Coffee keeps me awake but still sloppy drunk feeling.

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We’ve got those hyperactive brains that don’t get tired lol

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It’s not really their choice man. I smoked dabs/blunts all day for 7 years, took a break and now it’s completely different. Any amount of thc gives me a really, really bad time. I could gobble down an 1/8 of mushies and have a better time staying in control than smoking an 1/8 of last years midsy jager.

I’ve heard that from at least 10 different people in the past 3 years. I’m under the impression it has to do with the ages at which people smoke and when they take a break. I think that because it’s always from people that started young, finally took a break as an adult, and then it was different.

I think people are just very different. Sometimes people do stuff for the wrong reasons. Some people really NEED it as medicine.

That makes some sense with your timeline, I did use it to successfully get off of a handful of real nasty psyc meds though. Gave me my life back.

Even if I did need THC as medicine now it would not be comfortable. Like at all. I do have good results with other Cannabinoids though oddly enough :man_shrugging:

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