Canada Job opportunities

Just wondering whats out there in Canada for job opportunities.

I have some good friends who are rather talented in butane and alcohol extraction that are looking to leave the grey market and work with a licensed outfit

They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in product formulation and manufacturing as well

Normally I wouldn’t recommend people but they are super cool folks with good roots and know honest work is the path to success in this industry

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Hey, dm me about your canadians if they’re in the BC area.



I’m helping design a facility in Toronto that’s looking for talented extractors. They’ll be able to come train with us here in the states on the exact equipment that will be at the facility while we’re installing theirs, that way they’ll be ready to start operating the day the install is done.


The legal extract market here in Canada is in the infancy stages. Currently, the grey market completely dominates this industry in quality flower and quality extract.

If they are very talented individuals though, LPs are on the hunt for lab directors and consultants.

I have a couple opportunities available in Ontario (not working for me) over the next 12 months


What are the laws in Canada surrounding hydrocarbon extraction?

They vary by location. My buddy who’s launching a commercial grow said they are alltogether banned in his town.

Basically all solvents have been approved for extraction at a federal level. However, provinces will create regulations for themselves. We currently have no legal way to purchase shatter, diamonds or carts though. Regulations were approved in October this year.


Hey, Canada is booming right now, Im looking for as any butane and etoh guys as I can find. Please DM as I will find them a home ASAP at the largest and most diverse cannabis extraction company in Canada and soon the world.


Hiring Americans ever?

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If anyone is ever hiring a Canadian for any job in the field send me a DM if you’re interested in hiring a guy like me. Search me up on youtube for some idea of my personality.

Hi Myrrdin,
we are a Hemp CBD extraction and product making group in Maine.
if you know of experienced, serious professionals that you can recommend we are looking for a new head extractor. Please send resume and references cc’d to and to
thank you very much

Happy new years!
Embark will be building two facilities in Canada over the next year, and will be hiring 50 techs over the next yr, ramping up to 100+ people over the next three years.
The First one in Vancouver / Delta will be 40k ft2, extracting using 7 modalities, and come online Q3
The Second facility in Woodstock ON is being built from the ground up, and will come online prior for fall harvest Q4.
We are goin to start the broad scale hiring mid summer, but will have some positions opening up over the next few months.
Anyone with experience, looking for a career, feel free to send a Resume/cover letter to our recruiter @
Internships, classes and post graduate studies will be available after our licences are issued.

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