Canada - Buying THC Distillate, CBD Isolate and CBD Distillate


Looking to buy the following:

THC Distillate
CBD Isolate
CBD Distillate

Currently buying 1-3kg per week of each.

Give me your best price and we can meet up in person.



you in cali?


what you smokin bro?

got any to share?

OP is in Canada not Cañada :wink:


Ok im new to this. Whats the difference. I just got some oil and it taste like really good dabs. How do u tell if it’s thc or cabs.


bioassay? (which you just did…did it get you high?)

COA? (certificate of analysis. you did get tested product right?)

Ask the person that handed it to you?!? (You ate the brown acid? WTF?!?)



Still looking for more


I maybe able to help you with those have a few contracts in Canada. Cbd distillate 11500 isolate can get 50kilos at the price point of $6200 and thc right around $10000