Canada - Buying THC Distillate, CBD Isolate and CBD Distillate

Looking to buy the following:

THC Distillate
CBD Isolate
CBD Distillate

Currently buying 1-3kg per week of each.

Give me your best price and we can meet up in person.



you in cali?

what you smokin bro?

got any to share?

OP is in Canada not Cañada :wink:


Ok im new to this. Whats the difference. I just got some oil and it taste like really good dabs. How do u tell if it’s thc or cabs.

bioassay? (which you just did…did it get you high?)

COA? (certificate of analysis. you did get tested product right?)

Ask the person that handed it to you?!? (You ate the brown acid? WTF?!?)



Still looking for more

He we are currently able to supply CBD distillate with our CBD isolate and THC distillate products coming online later this year. Please feel free to contact me at 1-808-489-2026.

Are any of you referring to product available in canada?

is that canandian dollars or USD

Hi there! I saw you are looking for CBD Isolate, here at Oprima we provide the highest quality. We have COA testing and are Slanger level 2 approved. Below is a link to our website let me know if we can assist you with providing CBD Isolate

Hey I’m looking for those Canadian distillate hookups if still available

@CBDdistillate4sale @OPRIMA Are you in canada?
Cbd distillate or thc distillate?

can you sell isolate in Canada?

I can provide the THC distillate as long as you are licensed.

Looking for full spectrum CBD distillate in Canada, any one verified up here?


Have it for 8250 Canadian but that is for larger orders let me know

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what are you selling?.
you just giving you contact but i still dont know what you looking for.
best regards.

Does your Iso have a CTLS? Can you go
LP to LP.

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Yes we have coc ctls and coa. Selling 2k today as we speak

you can contact me at lahempirecorpatgmailcom