Can you Decarb in Maratek?

We have a Maratek, one of the old versions, it doesnt not have a spinning blade. Our company has moved on to FFE for solvent recovery, so can we use it to Decarb? What type of modifications should we look into, What do you guys think?

Decarb can be done all kinds of ways.

If it’s got controllable heat and stirring, and you can get your crude out without major losses, then it should work.

Add agitation (spinning blade?).

Pictures for those not familiar (eg me) might help.


It is a rather large system, I’m not sure how we can add and control stirring

Weld a(nother) triclamp ferrule to the lid and add overhead stirring?

See: Mixers/homogenizers for large scale ethanol solutions - #6 by cyclopath

Why on earth does it tilt? (K. Got it…)


Yes you can decarb in it.

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Op’s version is sans agitation I believe…